What’s New
At NAB 2024

Explore the latest advancements from Ross Video, spanning robotics, graphics, production switchers, hyperconverged solutions, newsroom production workflows and beyond. Discover cutting-edge innovations that are shaping the future of video technology.

2024 NAB Show Keynote

Creativity Without Compromise


Artimo (pronounced art-e-mo) is our new studio robotic camera solution that delivers flexibility, creativity and practicality by blending cutting-edge robotics, with the elegance of free-flowing motion to captivate your audience with every frame.

Effortlessly gliding across virtually any studio flooring, Artimo offers the freedom of a free-roaming pedestal with the fluid, dynamic movements characteristic of a dolly or jib. Operators can easily craft precise, repeatable shots, granting directors expanded creative opportunities for capturing diverse scenes. Meanwhile, engineers can uphold a streamlined, maintenance-friendly solution, ensuring operational efficiency.

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Data-Driven Weather Graphics


Raiden is a transformative weather graphics solution that empowers newsrooms to elevate their storytelling with more engaging weather and climate content.

Powered by XPression, the world’s fastest-growing real-time motion graphics engine, Raiden combines data gathering, processing, and visualization tools to create stunning content. With seamless integration into existing news station workflows, it allows weather teams to generate weather content quickly and easily from a single graphics platform.

Production Switcher Control Panels

TouchDrive TDx4 and TDx3

The TouchDrive lineup of control surfaces for Ross Video’s range of production switchers feature revolutionary touch, swipe, and gesture control options. With an innovative design, these switcher panels have been built to exceed the expectations of even the most demanding Technical Directors and Vision Mixers.

Building on the success of last year’s TD3 and TD4 panels, the TouchDrive control panel range expands with the introduction of the all-new TDx series.

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Software Based Production Switcher

Carbonite Code

Introducing Carbonite Code, a groundbreaking software-based production switcher that is optimized for NDI workflows.

Designed to meet the demands of a growing community of live production professionals, Carbonite Code combines the reliability of Ross Video’s Carbonite range with the efficiency and low latency of NDI video transport technology.

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Real-Time Motion Graphics System


Ross Video’s 2D and 3D real-time motion graphics system received a significant boost with the major updates to the XPression engines, along with the version 12 software that comes with a more robust cloud deployment.

Most notably, the all new 2RU and 4RU XPression M9 engines feature a sleek and innovative front panel with advanced display functionality.

Also new to XPression is the use of HTML5 outputs for streaming channels and production work in the cloud. Ross Video has added the ability to use HTML5 outputs as channel destinations for your XPression Tick-it workflow. Now drive tickers and channel branding how you need them to appear, on-air or on-line.

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Ingest, Playout & Transcode

Media I/O v10

The world’s most flexible and scalable ingest and playout server receives the new Aura web-based interface with a superior and modern user experience packed with powerful new features and functionalities.

The new visual scheduler, native MAM integration, a multiviewer with full transport controls and much more help catalyze the already award-winning capabilities of Media I/O so you can breeze through ingest, playout and transcode demands better than anything else on the market.

Mark-Based Production System

Quorum 2.0

Quorum is a revolutionary mark-based production system that generates professional quality outputs from meetings, assemblies and more, with a simple, user-friendly interface.

Simply select a mark from the map-based web interface, and it will present the best shots, automate graphics, and integrate with microphone systems to create broadcast-quality outputs your audience will want to watch. With the all-new update, unlock the full potential of your meeting ecosystem by scaling to multiple rooms to invest wisely and maximize results.

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Video Image Processor


As video displays for sports venues, concerts, studios and corporate presentations reach unprecedented scales in size and resolution, audiences continue to demand top-tier video quality.

To support these demands, the next-generation Mosaic Video Image Processor has been designed to provide the highest quality video content across the largest displays. As a dynamic compositing tool, Mosaic seamlessly delivers unparalleled video image quality with pixel-perfect accuracy on screens exceeding 49 million pixels in UHD mode or 20 million pixels in HD mode.

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Web-Based Video Editor

Streamline v12

Coming this summer, the world-class power, speed and flexibility of Streamline MAM will offer a new web-based video editor accessible on any connected device. In the fast-paced world of broadcast and news, teams can immediately access tools and content previously exclusive to the studio, driving advanced collaboration and increased efficiency.

There is no need for a powerful workstation, multiple licenses and software installations, lengthy training or downtime for updates. Online integrations are seamless and don’t require extra plugins. Streamline is inherently scalable and future-proof, providing excellent value with flexible licensing options.

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Automated Production Control (APC)

OverDrive / CX-D Panel

The CX Directors Panel is the evolution of the Sidebox line, featuring a new form factor and new capabilities, and represents a new beginning in Operational capability. It is designed for increased durability and is built for the abuse of a busy control room. CX Panels allow for tactile, precise and focused control with plenty of customization options via OLED buttons and multiple pages.

The new generation offers ride-through faders and a very robust design with fewer connections, it is easy to implement, with streamlined configuration at the panel, no software licensing, and can be used alongside existing SideBoxes.

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Newsroom Computer System (NRCS)

Inception v17 + Mobile app 2.1

Inception v17 becomes even more powerful with the new side-by-side revision editor and the all-new XPression DataLinq™ integration, allowing you real-time access to on-air information like scoreboards, polls, game timers, election results and much more, giving you unprecedented accuracy, relevance and timing on breaking news. Inception Mobile 2.1 brings the much-anticipated Rundowns view and a new landscape mode, giving you real-time visibility and valuable information about how your piece fits in the current show so you can stay on top of changes, updates and running times to be ready to deliver perfect results every time, from anywhere.

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One Platform, Endless Possibilities



  • Ultristream: Simplify Multiviewer Access with Ultristream and NDI. Stream Ultriscape outputs directly from Ultrix expanding multiviewer visibility across your facility. Reach any NDI receiver devices such as laptops, Ultritouch panels, and even the FR12 SmartDoor.
  • Ultriproc: Ultriproc-3DLUT is additional software-defined functionality that replaces Ultripoc’s direct-mapping SDR/HDR conversion with advanced 3D LUT processing. Equipped as standard with NBCU and BBC 3DLUTs, Ultriproc-3DLUT now also offers the ability to load custom 3DLUTs via .cube files. Achieve stunning HDR, SDR, and parallel workflow results with full flexibility and precise control over how colors and tones are mapped.
  • Ultrimix-Dante: Seamlessly integrate Dante-powered audio workflows with Ultrix. Expanding Ultrix audio connectivity options with support for up to 64 channels of audio I/O via Dante per MODX or HDX card.
  • CWDM:
    • Maximize Fiber Efficiency with CWDM Support on ULTRIX-MODX-SFP. Solve fiber availability challenges by leveraging new CWDM SFP modules.
    • Increase Fiber Capacity 16x: Transmit up to 16 distinct SDI signals over a single fiber with 16 available wavelengths.
    • Seamless Core-to-Edge Integration: Pair ULTRIX-MODX-SFP with the openGear SFC-6901 fiber transmitter/receiver for complete long-distance signal flows.


  • SFC-6901:
    • The SFC-6901 is a multifunctional and economical quad-channel 12GSDI fiber converter configurable to handle fiber transmit, receive, and regeneration. CWDM with support for up to 16 wavelengths increasing the number of signals that can be transported down a single fiber by sixteen-fold, optimizing fiber usage where availability is scarce. Built-in fiber failover: Added reliability through redundant sources or diverse fiber paths without the need for any external changeover devices.