Ultrix Licenses

Ultrix Licenses

Unleash the power of flexibility and scalability with Ultrix’ software-defined features. Ultrix redefines value by enabling you to license features as you need them, paying only for the capabilities you require.

The Ultrix license model offers a cost-effective path to future-proof your platform, unlocking the potential to easily upgrade and add more advanced functionality when the need arises.

Software-defined features are integrated directly within the platform, eliminating the need for external equipment.  This provides significant savings in cost, conservation of space, optimized energy use and reduced complexity of wiring. This translates into more efficient planning and resource allocation for your projects.

Furthermore, Ultrix streamlines operational workflows, uniting functionality under a single platform and a common control interface. The result is a simplified, seamless experience, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – creating and delivering outstanding content.

Software-Defined Frame Syncs

Ultrisync and Ultrisync-UHD are powerful software-defined features offering an alternative to external frame syncs.  Ultrisync handles signals up to 3G while Ultrisync-UHD supports up to 12G.  This innovative feature ensures timing consistency across sources, supporting synchronization to house reference of both the video and any embedded audio.

Ultrisync (-UHD) is an ideal solution for harmonizing wild input feeds, scaling easily for the needs of small flypacks to large facilities.  Licensed inputs are precisely timed within the defined timing window needed for seamless switching.

Licenses are available for single inputs or in bulk packages and are floating within a frame, assignable to inputs as needed.

Key features:

  • Software-enable frame-syncs as needed
  • Capacity for up to 36 3G frame syncs in 1RU, 72 in 2RU, 160 in 5RU and a massive 288 in 12RU
  • Audio Sample Rate Conversion up to 48kHz for all embedded audio channels
  • Ultrisync:
    • Support for signals from SD to 3G on all input ports
  • Ultrisync-UHD:
    • Up to 3 input ports supporting 12G on ULTRIX-HDB-IO and ULTRIX-SFP-IO boards
    • Up to 16 input ports supporting 12G on ULTRIX-HDX-IO and ULTRIX-MODX-IO boards
  • Easily enabled or disabled through a simple UI checkbox
  • Measurement and display of input timing with respect to reference
  • Up to 500 milliseconds of variable audio delay per mono audio channel
  • Available as per-port or bulk licenses – license only as many input ports as needed, when you need them

Procamp, Color Correction and SDR ↔ HDR Conversion

Ultriproc is a collection of tools commonly used for production.   Ultriproc transforms your workflow by offering an unprecedented level of integration within the Ultrix ecosystem:

  • Procamp: black offset, gain, saturation, hue
  • RGB color correction
  • Color space conversion: BT 709 ↔ BT 2020
  • Direct mapping SDR ↔ HDR conversion

Adjustments to the look and feel of content are handled with ease within Ultrix, providing the ability to maintain visual consistency across different scenes, shots or entire productions.  Creative teams are empowered with quick access to real-time modifications and the freedom to experiment, enabling them to realize consistency and their desired aesthetic vision with greater precision and creativity.

Key features:

  • Available as per-port or bulk licenses – license only as many ports as needed, when you need them
  • Convert any to any SDR, HDR and WCG standard including HLG, PQ, S.Log3, BT 2020 and BT 709
  • Automatic SMPTE 352 detection and re-authoring
  • True broadcast-grade, high quality processing and conversion
  • Simple, user-friendly control via DashBoard and Ultritouch control panels
  • Ultimate streamlining of implementation and operational workflows
  • Ultriproc may be applied to up to 8 inputs or outputs per ULTRIX-HDX-IO or ULTRIX-MODX-IO card for processing signals up to 3G, or up to 4 inputs or outputs per card for processing signals up to 12G

Procamp, Color Correction & Advanced SDR↔HDR Conversion

Ultriproc-3DLUT takes the features of Ultriproc and adds advanced SDR↔HDR conversion using 3D LUTs, adding a further level of integration and capability:

  • SDR ↔ HDR conversion using built-in NBCU or BBC 3D LUTs
  • Color space conversion: BT 709 ↔ BT 2020
  • Procamp: black offset, gain, saturation, hue
  • RGB color correction

Integrated 33-point tetrahedral 3D LUT processing with built-in BBC and NBCU LUTs for high fidelity industry standard HDR transformations, providing a powerful tool for achieving high-quality and consistency across varied content. When specific aesthetic adjustments are required beyond the 3D LUTs, manual procamp and color correction tools are available. This dynamic approach empowers creative teams with swift, real-time modification capabilities, allowing experimentation and artistic refinement. Ultrix thus enables creators to actualize consistent, finely-tuned visual narratives across scenes and entire productions.

Key Features:

  • Available as per-port or bulk licenses – license only as many ports as needed, when you need them
  • Convert any to any SDR, HDR and WCG standard including HLG, PQ, S.Log3, BT 2022 and BT 709
  • SDR ↔ HDR transformation using BBC or NBCU built-in 3D LUTs
  • Automatic SMPTE 352 detection and re-authoring
  • True broadcast-grade, high quality processing and conversion
  • Simple, user-friendly control via DashBoard and Ultritouch control panels
  • Ultimate streamlining of implementation and operational workflows
  • Ultriproc-3DLUT may be applied to up to 8 inputs or outputs per ULTRIX-HDX-IO or ULTRIX-MODX-IO card for processing signals up to 3G, or up to 4 inputs or outputs per card for processing signals up to 12G

Clean/Quiet Switching

A standard feature, Ultriclean provides clean video and quiet audio switching for data rates up to 12G (Ultrispeed license required for 12G).  Ultriclean may be enabled on a per-output-port basis and is available on all outputs in an Ultrix frame.  This unprecedented level of functionality is offered as a totally integrated alternative to the cost and complexity of discrete clean-switch hardware.

Key applications for Ultriclean include master control bypass and situations where disruption of a source signal can cause downstream equipment such as monitors and encoders to require time to relock.

Key features:

  • The Ultriclean license comes standard with Ultrix at no extra cost!
  • Up to 36 Clean switches in 1RU, 72 in 2RU, 160 in 5RU and a massive 288 in 12RU
  • Support for signals from SD to 12G
  • Scales to offer as many clean switch outputs as needed – even up to 100% of the outputs in an Ultrix frame
  • Variable timing delay
  • Easy GUI-based setup and operation
  • No manual timing steps required – automatically detects delay and aligns sources
  • ‘Quiet’ embedded audio switching is also provided when Ultrimix is enabled

12G Performance available through every Signal Path

Ultrix delivers exceptional performance and quality in its standard configuration, accommodating data rates up to 3G. For users seeking to unlock 12G/UHD capabilities, the Ultrispeed software license is available. A single license activates 12G functionality across the entire Ultrix frame.

12G is the accepted benchmark for single-link UHD (4K) SDI routing. With our proprietary technology, Ultrispeed stretches boundaries and provides all the features needed for handling UHD signals. Onboard gearbox functionality enables conversion between 12G SDI and quad-link 3G 2SI SDI, facilitating smooth integration of 12G and quad-link 2SI equipment.

Key features:

  • Unlock 12G performance with a simple software license
  • One license enables 12G on an entire Ultrix frame, including on coaxial and IP-based I/O
  • Extra attention to signal integrity ensures high performance, even with pathological signals

Ultrispeed facilitates a switching capacity of 1 Terabit per Rack Unit within Ultrix, addressing the capacity requirements of hybrid facilities, both today and in the future

Gearbox features:

  • Gearbox functionality is enabled as part of the Ultrispeed license
  • Adds support for both 12G single-link and 3G quad-link 2SI SDI
  • Convert between 12G and 3G quad-link 2SI SDI, adding seamless support for equipment requiring both standards
  • Patented Ross Video Signal Medic features:
    • Auto Inter-channel skew correction
    • Self-healing channel replacement


Audio Integration & Processing

Setting a precedent in the industry, Ultrimix is a standard feature in every frame that brings state-of-the-art audio processing to Ultrix. It provides the capability to embed and de-embed audio across all input and output channels of the router, along with routing discrete audio.  Ultrimix not only eliminates the need for external audio processing hardware, but it is also completely integrated within Ultrix and does not require specialized crosspoints or I/O boards.

Users are afforded total flexibility in processing, swapping, summing, muting, or routing any discrete or embedded audio input to any output. The scale of audio handling is immense:

  • Up to 768×768 in 1RU
  • Up to 1536×1536 in 2RU
  • Up to 3456×3456 in 5RU
  • Up to 6144×6144 in 12RU

This substantial channel capacity positions Ultrix to manage even the most complex audio operations. Ultrimix proves to be an ideal fit for scenarios where audio configurations are in constant flux. What’s more, it allows for incremental enhancements without compromising any initial investment in the system.

Key features:

  • The Ultrimix license comes standard with Ultrix at no extra cost!
  • Complete non-blocking audio support
  • Route and process both embedded and discrete audio
  • Full audio processing and transitions:
    • Level Adjust, Sum, Invert, Tone Insertion (on outputs)
    • Transitions such as Cut, Fade/Cut, Cut/Fade, V-Fade, and Quiet on a per channel basis
  • Ease of operation:
    • Standard and custom control panels available within Dashboard
    • Control and switching via standard SW and HW router control panels, such as Ultritouch
  • Discrete audio I/O via MADI:
    • Support for up to 64 channels per MADI stream
    • AES and Analog audio I/O via external MADI breakout boxes
    • AES67 / ST 2110-30 support with IGGY-MADI
  • Audio I/O in IP-capable systems:
    • SMPTE 2110-30 or AES 67 are supported directly through ULTRIX-IP-IO and ULTRIX-IPX-IO
    • IGGY-AES16.16 and IGGY-ANA8.8 to integrate AES or Analog audio

Software enabled Virtual Audio Mixer

Boosting the capabilities of the Ultrimix audio smart fabric, Ultrix introduces the world’s first router platform with a software-enabled audio mixer: Ultrimix-MXR. This innovative, virtual audio mixer offers configurations up to 128×64. It also features the ability to partition into smaller mixers, allowing multiple instances within the frame.

Ultrimix-MXR brings unparalleled adaptability to audio workflows, given its full routing ability. This means it not only has access to every input in the system, but its outputs can also be dispatched to any output in the frame.

Each input of the Ultrimix-MXR is equipped with a 4-band parametric equalizer, a noise gate, and a compressor/limiter. Furthermore, it comes with 128 direct outputs for streamlined audio processing as part of its standard suite of features.

Control of the Ultrimix-MXR is made intuitive and convenient with a visually pleasing DashBoard user interface, along with easily-configured, application-specific panels for both the 2RU and 4RU Ultritouch hardware control panels.

Key features:

  • Licensed in 32×16 blocks, multiple licenses can be purchased to build a maximum size of 128×64
  • 128 direct outputs
  • 4 Band Parametric EQ per input
  • Noise Gate per input
  • Compression/Limiter per input
  • Dashboard control
  • Ultritouch-2 and Ultritouch-4 panel support
  • Can be added to all Ultrix frames

Sample Rate Converter & Delay for MADI Ports

For seamless integration of equipment operating at different sample rates and/or not referenced to Ultrix, UltriSRC provides sample rate conversion up to 48kHz for all 64 inputs on one MADI port.  In addition to SRC, up to ½ second of delay may be applied, adjustable per-input.   




Software-Defined Multiviewer

Up to 48 Independent multiviewer heads in a single 12RU chassis. Each head supports up to 100 pips. Completely independent and individually controllable providing superior flexibility.

Learn more about Ultriscape

Multiviewer Distribution using NDI


Ultristream enables facilities to extend Ultrix Ultriscape multiviewer outputs utilizing integrated NDI encoding, entirely bypassing the need for external converters. For editors, operators, managers, or producers, Ultristream revolutionizes accessibility to multiviewers, transforming them from centralized viewing screens to resources that can be easily distributed wherever they find utility. Moreover, decoding can be done on various devices – from laptops to large displays, offering the freedom to choose the most suitable device depending on the situation. Information is vital to successful production and broadcast operations, and Ultristream makes distributing real-time monitoring more effortless than ever before.


Key features:

  • Fully integrated within the Ultrix system, removing the need for external converters.
  • Supports NDI-equipped displays, hardware converters or software for decoding.
  • With the use of traditional IP GbE networks,  NDI eliminates the dependence on broadcast infrastructures for conveyance.
  • Compatible with Ultrix FR1-NS, FR2-NS, FR5, and FR12, provided they are equipped with ULTRIX-HDX-IO and/or ULTRIX-MODX-IO cards along with Ultriscape licenses.
  • Enables extension of one Ultriscape multiviewer per ULTRIX-HDX-IO or ULTRIX-MODX-IO card.
  • Multiviewer output encoded at 1080P 50, 59.94 or 60 FPS.
  • Provides rUDP transport with the ability for Multistream Unicast to up to 6 destinations. (Note: Multicast transport not yet supported)
  • GbE copper physical interface via RJ45 SFP+ installed in AUX D port.
  • Easy setup using DashBoard.

Integrated, Powerful Control

Ultricore is a fully featured connectivity control system that goes beyond traditional routing configuration and control. It is designed to handle all the usual router requirements as well as harnessing the enhanced functionality of Ultrix.

Learn more about Ultricore

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