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New Products From Ross

Ross is committed to innovation. We consistently reinvest a quarter of our revenues in R&D, which is close to double the industry average. Here are our most recent product announcements:


openGear Frame

A brand new openGear frame designed to meet the needs of UHD and IP with 30% more chassis power and better cooling, as well as the innovative new user-programmable frame glow feature.

Ultrix IP

A new version of the latest Ultrix-FR5 routing/AV processing platform that adds IP I/O to the already impressive feature set of this disruptive ‘Swiss army knife’ infrastructure solution that collapses racks of equipment into a compact and economical footprint.

Carbonite Mosaic

Multi-Screen Image Processor

An innovative new compositing tool built on the Carbonite Black Plus engine that can output a canvas size of over 20 million pixels. Carbonite Mosaic provides the high resolution and layering capability needed to create epic large-screen imagery in any entertainment or sports venue, and at half the price of competitive offerings. A few more specs: 36 HD SDI Inputs, 10 Tile Outputs with 5 layers each, equipped with 18 scaling engines, HDR conversion (HLG), Color Correction in and out, Low Latency, and DashBoard native.

New XPression H/W & S/W

M7 Hardware & V8 Software

More graphics horsepower, scalability, and output channels for the industry leading XPression platform. The M7 hardware platform includes new motherboard, CPU, GPU, RAID, and SSD hard drives and offers both a 2RU and 4RU configuration. Each scales from 1 to 4 channels, with the 4U model adding GPIO, Timecode, and AES Audio, as well as offering a 12G version. New Version 8 software supports this new hardware and provides several new features including HDR support, FBX Import, and Adobe Premier Plug-In. As well, V8 enables XPression Tessera SE which brings the benefits of XPression Tessera to Single Engine Applications like is often the case with on set monitors. Plus, XPression Tessera now offers a MOS workflow making it ideal for news environments.

Furio S2 Lift

A new Furio S2 lift based on the same core design as the 2-stage lift used in the CamBot 600XY-S2. Featuring a linear rail design for superior linearity, repeatability and reliability, the 2-stage S2 lift provides 50 cm / 20” of extension range, almost on a par with the original Furio legacy lift. This new Furio configuration saves 25% of the cost of the dolly/lift combination. So, for customers that are fine with a slightly lower lift range and height, the Furio S2 now makes the smooth motion shots Furio is famous for a possibility.

Tria News

The launch of a four-channel newsroom playout server with SSD media storage. Specifically designed for news clip playback and production, Tria News supports software-based codec playback without a transcode required for the most commonly used news codecs. No transcode means dramatically reduced time-to-air from content creation, to edit, to playback. Other features include record capabilities and network streaming playback.


The first MOS-enabled, asset management system in the cloud. With all the capabilities of Streamline Enterprise, Streamline.Cloud enables users to index and catalog vast collections of graphics, video and other assets in the cloud. It takes minutes to setup, provides users with a single, unified interface to see and manage all of their assets both on-premise and in the cloud, and ultimately enables better content reuse. Available by monthly subscription, it integrates fully with the rest of the Ross news ecosystem, including Inception.cloud for a complete cloud-based news editorial system.

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