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Graphite All-in-one Production System

Real Switcher. Real Graphics. Real Audio. Graphite is an all-inclusive system that combines superb big switcher performance with visually stunning 3D graphics, instant access clip servers and pristine audio clarity – all with the reliability of separate system components.

Compact Production Solution

Graphite provides a full production solution within a single 4RU frame. This simplifies connectivity, saves space, and makes it easy to take top-quality productions on the road.


Rely on a system with consistent performance and immunity to traditional all-in-one software issues, thanks to unique dedicated hardware.


Built to withstand the rigors of a mobile production with carefully engineered physical construction. Graphite systems are extensively shake and bake tested before shipping.

Fully-Equipped System

Every aspect of the Graphite system is built with the quality of separate system components. The value of a single all-in-one system with no need for external supplement cannot be overstated.

Flexible Workflow

Crew your show as you see fit. A single operator can run an entire show through all-encompassing control, or roles can be separated for multiple operators during high-intensity events.

Incremental Growth

Switcher resources and graphics power can be upgraded via software licences – and additional equipment is available through a single vendor for effortless integration and guaranteed support.

Graphite Overview Video

Graphite merges the capabilities of a Carbonite production switcher, a single channel of XPression 3D motion graphics, a two-channel clip server, and an advanced digital audio mixer.


Carbonite Switcher

Switch with confidence on Carbonite – the hallmark Ross Video product. Decades of production switcher experience have gone into this mid-sized power house, resulting in a truly incredible feature-set. Learn more…

Powerful XPression Graphics

Near limitless layering on a single channel, with true 3D objects and animations, XPression Graphite is the motion graphics engine that simply can’t be matched by other all-in-one systems. Learn more…

Integrated Clip Server

Creatively utilize video clips with instant access and frame accurate recall with XPression Clips. Record video or store XPression Graphite animations for use in your productions. Learn more…

Unmatched Audio

Handle demanding live audio with the professional RAVE production engine. Do more than you ever imagined was possible in an all-in-one system with this hardware-based, 46-channel digital audio mixer. Learn more…

DashBoard Control

Create a control workflow for your specific production environment, with DashBoard network control software. Learn more…

Graphite PCIe

Graphite is built with unique hardware to ensure high quality performance and total reliability. Learn more…


Graphite comes in a variety of ME & Input configurations:

2ME13 IN (12 SDI + 1 HDMI)8 OUT (6 SDI + 2 HDMI)*
2ME9 IN (8 SDI + 1 HDMI)8 OUT (6 SDI + 2 HDMI)**
1ME9 IN (8 SDI + 1 HDMI)8 OUT (6 SDI + 2 HDMI)**
1ME5 IN (4 SDI + 1 HDMI)8 OUT (6 SDI + 2 HDMI)**

* On the full 2ME 13IN configuration, all outputs are fully configurable
** On other configurations, 2 outputs are fully configurable

Aside from MEs & I/O, all Graphite configurations have the same operational features:

Graphite All-In-One Production System

Included Graphics Templates

Get started with fluid graphics right out of the box.
Graphite ships with a complete package of easily-customized graphic templates designed by Ross Video’s creative services team – Rocket Surgery.

Control Devices

Carbonite Black Panels
Graphite works with any Carbonite Black panel. With the widest range of panel sizes, it’s easy to find one that fits your operation. For every task you need to perform there is a dedicated button, no more searching and stepping through menus. Carbonite has been a success with thousands of operators because the most complex tasks can be performed quickly and easily.

DashBoard Control
Crew your show as you see fit, with DashBoard network control. This software application provides full control of the internal Carbonite switcher and RAVE audio mixer, making it easy to separate roles for multiple operators during high-intensity events. Want to keep staffing costs low? A single operator can efficiently run an entire show with a DashBoard CustomPanel, a single customized interface that can streamline control of your entire production solution.

ViewControl consolidates the control of a Graphite system onto a single intuitive touch screen interface. Now via the internal Carbonite’s powerful Custom Control macros and Ross DashBoard interface, every production element is visually displayed for instant touch selection.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship



Graphite U

A place for online self-directed learning of the Graphite All-In-One Production System.


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User Stories

  • Graphite’s 2 MEs and 4 MiniMEs allows us to customize the studio on-the-fly, whenever the producer wants. Read more…

    Joseph Rodriguez
    Digital Media Manager | Guaranty Media


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Graphite BrochureDownload

Configuration Guide

Configuration Guide
Graphite Configuration GuideDownload


Graphite Operation Manual
Graphite Setup Manual
Graphite Quick Start Guide (Hardware)

Application Notes

Application Notes
Using Graphite To Perform a Skype Call

Training Documentation

Mastering Basic Operations

Software Updates

Software Updates
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