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Graphite All-in-one Production System

Real Switcher. Real Graphics. Real Audio. Graphite is an all-inclusive system that combines superb big switcher performance with visually stunning 3D graphics, instant access clip servers and pristine audio clarity – all with the reliability of separate system components.

Compact Production Solution

A single 4RU chassis houses the production switcher, audio mixer, graphics system and clip players. This simplifies connectivity and reduces space, power, and electrical requirements.


Thanks to its unique dedicated hardware, Graphite is immune to performance issues that are commonly associated with traditional all-in-one platforms.


Graphite is designed to be a complete production solution right out of the box. Setup and configuration is simple and straightforward and the included documentation helps even novice users gain confidence quickly. Graphite even includes customizable graphics packages designed to get production up and running faster and more easily.

Flexible Workflow

Using Graphite’s extensive toolset and intuitive controls, a single operator can manage an entire show using a single tabbed DashBoard screen. For a distributed workflow with separate operators (T.D., Audio, Graphics, etc.), simply connect multiple DashBoard computers together.

Incremental Growth

Graphite’s M/E count and input matrix can be easily upgraded via cost-effective software licenses. Additional hardware and software components that enable production automation, MOS workflows, or multi-studio operations can be added at any time.


Graphite is the product of 40+ years of switcher experience and engineering excellence. Graphite combines proven hardware components with world-class software applications to create a powerful set of production tools that is backed backed by an acknowledged industry leader.

V6 is Now Available
With a host of new audio features

The latest software release also adds Media-Store Cache Manager and improved DashBoard navigation
Graphite Overview Video

Graphite merges the capabilities of a Carbonite production switcher, a single channel of XPression 3D motion graphics, a two-channel clip server, and an advanced digital audio mixer.


Angled view of the TouchDrive control surface

It’s a Carbonite

Inside the sleek 4RU Graphite chassis beats the heart of Carbonite – the de facto standard in mid-size production switchers. Learn more…

XPression Graphics

With virtually unlimited layering on a single channel, extensive animation capabilities, real-time rendering and DashBoard integration, XPression Graphite sets a new standard for all-in-one graphics engines. Learn more…

Integrated Clip Server

XPression Clips provides two real-time video playback channels with instant access, frame-accurate recall, back-to-back playout and single channel transitions. Learn more…

Unmatched Audio

Graphite includes RAVE, a dedicated 48-channel audio mixer with 24-bit processing, sample rate conversion on selected inputs, SDI-embedded channel pair management and channel-by-channel EQ and compression/limiting. Learn more…

DashBoard Control

DashBoard, Ross Video’s integrated command and control software, is included with Graphite. Use DashBoard to create single- or multi-user workflows, or to provide central status monitoring and control of Graphite from any network-connected computer. Learn more…

Graphite PCIe

Graphite is built with unique hardware to ensure high quality performance and total reliability. Learn more…

Graphite PPC

Graphite Power - Ready for the Road

The Graphite Portable Production Centre (PPC) packages all the professional-quality features of Graphite into a single compact carrying case. Graphite PPC uses the same DashBoard virtual control interfaces to allow a single operator to manage an entire show. What’s more, Graphite PPC’s ultra-quiet fans allow the system to be deployed just about anywhere, even in-studio next to the on-air talent.

Audio Mixer Evolved

Graphite’s internal RAVE audio mixer provides serious tools to overcome seriously demanding audio challenges.

Huge channel capacity
The RAVE audio mixer can access all 16 channels of each SDI input, as well as audio from internal PC sources and optional analog Audio Breakout Modules. The channel count for a fully-loaded system is an astounding 276 available audio inputs.

Embedded-SDI Channel Pair Mastery
RAVE stereo faders can access any of the 8 embedded audio pairs available in each SDI input or be configured as L-L or R-R for “mono” applications. Flexible output routing allows main, monitor, or custom aux mixes to be assigned to any SDI or analog output.

Comprehensive Audio Processing
RAVE provides powerful audio contouring tools including independent parametric EQ and compression/limiting on each mixer channel.

Sample Rate Conversion
Maintain consistent 24-bit broadcast-quality audio with sample-rate conversion on AES and SDI inputs 1-6.

Assignable AFV
The Audio Follow Video (AFV) function will automatically track sources as they are transitioned to program. This feature, configured on a fader-by-fader basis, simplifies audio operations and reduces errors.

Customizable Aux Mixes
In addition to the main and monitor mixes, RAVE supports 12 user-configurable aux mixes that can provide mix-minus, multi-lingual or iso feeds.

Included Graphics Templates

Get started with fluid graphics right out of the box.
Graphite ships with a complete package of easily-customized graphic templates designed by Ross Video’s creative services team – Rocket Surgery.

Familiar Control

The various physical and virtual control options available for Graphite make it easy to accommodate efficient single- or multi-operator workflows.
TouchDrive TD3S
TouchDrive TD2S
TouchDrive TD2
TouchDrive TD1
TouchDrive TD1C
Carbonite Black Solo CB9

TouchDrive TD3S Control Panel

The beautiful new TouchDriveTM TD3S panel includes 25 crosspoint buttons and three full ME rows. Like all TouchDriveTM panels, the ergonomically designed TD3S features bright, easy-to-read multi-function touch displays. Both the TD3S and TD2S also include individual ME Effects Memory Control keypads.

TouchDrive TD2S Control Panel

The TouchDriveTM TD2S 25-button, 2-ME row panel is a more space-conscious version of the larger TD3S. Like all TouchDriveTM panels, the TD2S runs DashBoard natively, eliminating the need for an external computer.

TouchDrive TD2 Control Panel

The TouchDriveTM TD2 features 15 buttons and 2 ME rows. With a smaller footprint than the TD2S, the TD2 still provides a Global Memory system and the ability to map Memories to individual bus row buttons for fast, accurate recall.

TouchDrive TD1 Control Panel

Like its larger cousin, the TouchDriveTM TD1 also features 15 crosspoint buttons, but only a single ME row. This compact panel provides the same functionality as larger TouchDriveTM panels, including the innovative 6-axis Joystick and user-configurable buttons.

TouchDrive TD1C Control Panel

The exceptionally compact TD1C panel is “right-sized” for rack or in-desk mounting, making it a perfect addition to a fly-pack or small mobile unit. With 15 crosspoint buttons, on-board DashBoard, and exclusive multi-function touch displays, the TD1C provides the same professional-grade toolset as other TouchDriveTM panels while saving space and power.

Carbonite Black Solo CB9 Panel

The Carbonite Black Solo CB9 panel is fully-compatible with Graphite. This compact, low-cost
9-button / 1 ME control panel is ideal as a second “satellite” Graphite control surface. The CB9 offers
many of the same features as the larger TouchDriveTM panels, including dedicated keyer buttons, full
next transition area, and of course – the legendary Ross fader bar.


The intuitive ViewControl touch screen interface consolidates control of Graphite and external
controlled devices. User-configured Custom Control macros can be mapped to a specially-designed
DashBoard interface providing instant touch selection of sources, transitions, memory recalls and more.


The DashBoard software application provides full control of Graphite, including the RAVE audio mixer, and XPression graphics engine, as well as many other Ross and 3rd party devices. Multiple instances of DashBoard, running on network-connected computers, allow production operations to be distributed among many operators, even those working remotely. Task-specific DashBoard Custom Panels can streamline operation of the complete system allowing a single operator to efficiently control the entire production. Learn more…

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


Graphite PPC comes in a variety of ME & Input configurations:

5 Input, 1 ME
5 Input, 2 ME
9 Input, 1 ME
9 Input, 2 ME
13 Input, 1 ME
13 Input, 2 ME

Aside from MEs & I/O, all configurations have the same operational features:

Graphite All-In-One Production System


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship



Graphite U

A place for online self-directed learning of the Graphite All-In-One Production System.



Graphite Brochure Download
Graphite PPC Solution Brief Download

Carbonite Product Matrix

Carbonite Product Matrix
Carbonite Product Matrix Download

Configuration Guide

Configuration Guide
Graphite Configuration Guide Download


Graphite Manual Download
Graphite Quick Start Guide (Hardware) Download
Graphite PPC Quick Start Guide (Hardware) Download


RAVE (DXF) Download
RAVE (PDF) Download

Application Notes

Application Notes
Using Graphite To Perform a Skype Call Download
Using Graphite with Dante Audio Networks Download

Training Documentation

Mastering Basic Operations Download

Software Updates

Software Updates
Graphite Software Updates Download

Release Notes

Release Notes
Graphite Release Notes Download


Carbonite Aux Panel / Ethernet Router Panel Labels (NK Panels - LBL) Download
Carbonite Black Aux Panel / Ethernet Router Panel Labels (NK Panels - LBL) Download
Carbonite Button Inserts Download

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