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Mira Express Replay Server

Professional four-camera / two-playout channel replay server built on a rock-solid server platform. Mira Express is offered at an incredible value that places this system in a class of its own.


In the heat of the action, replays are clipped off and playlists are built from the same industry-leading control surface and intuitive user interface of the premium Mira+ replay system.

Incredible Value

Mira Express provides many of the core features found in the premium Mira+ replay system, but at a very accessible price point.

File-Based Operations

Reduce cost and substantially streamline workflow with integrated media file import and export tools.

The Perfect Highlight

Control your slow-motion play speed live on-air; then easily reverse playback and revert back to the original play direction—all for the perfect second look.

SSD Media Workflow

An SSD hardware platform simplifies the marvellously straightforward process of Mira Replay operation. With two SSD drives, you can quickly and easily archive every frame of captured content for an entire season.

Always Reliable

This replay system is structured upon robust Abekas real-time core video engines, which operate independently from the replay software application.

Mira Express Replay Overview Video

Mira Express is equipped with a superb set of primary features for a fully-realized live replay workflow.


Mira Control Surface

Mira Express is built around the proven Mira Control Surface, making it easy to create engaging game-break highlights that will captivate your audience. Learn more…

User Application

Complementing the physical control surface is the Mira Replay software interface. Learn more…

SSD Media

Mira Express transfers the core Mira+ replay feature set onto an SSD hardware platform. With two SSD drives, you can quickly and easily archive every frame of captured content for an entire season. Learn more…

File-Based Workflow

Integrated media file import and export tools dramatically streamline your file-based workflows. Learn more…

Playlists & Highlights

Mira Express provides a playlist management interface which is both fast and intuitive. Learn more…

Count-Down Display

The unique count-down display simplifies monitoring by reducing cost and space, which is particularly important in outside broadcast applications. Learn more…


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Sports & Live Venue




Native Video Codec DVCPro-HD Compression @ 50Mb/s & 100Mb/s
HD Video 1080i /59.94 /50
720p /59.94 /50
SD Video 525i /59.94
625i /50



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Comparison Charts

Comparison Charts
Abekas Server Comparison Chart Download


Mira Express Manual
Mira Express Hardware Quick Start Guide
DashBoard Abekas OGP Quick Start Guide

Application Notes

Application Notes
Windows10 Upgrade

Software Upgrades

Software Upgrades
Mira Express Software Upgrades Download

Release Notes

Release Notes
Mira Express Release Notes

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