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Voyager: Unreal based render platform

Voyager is Ross Video’s latest graphics platform, powered by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.27. Voyager leverages the world’s most powerful and realistic renderer, enabling its use for Augmented Reality, Virtual Studio and XR Virtual LED Studio environments. It helps users create stunning, complex virtual environments designed for use in broadcast television, corporate events, Esports and Entertainment alike, built with flexibility and speed of operation in mind.

Voyager uses the Lucid Studio control platform as an operator-friendly front end, so operators are not required to know the Unreal 4.27 engine to use the system. Voyager supports customization, flexibility, and scalability in terms of the number of cameras and graphics engines through the integration of Lucid and Lucid Track applications.

Cutting-edge technology

Voyager uses the Unreal gaming engine by Epic games, the leading gaming engine in the industry with thousands of developers worldwide.

Photorealistic Graphics Capabilities

The Unreal4 gaming engine utilizes advanced graphics features like particles, dynamic texture, real-time reflections and shadows, skeleton animation, and cloth animation. As a result of its extensive graphics feature set, designers can achieve realistic looks with greater accuracy and ease than ever before.

Ease of operation

Voyager uses the Lucid Studio control platform as its operator friendly front end and doesn’t require the operator to be an experienced Unreal4 user or designer.

Flexible workflow

With Lucid Studio and Lucid Track, any combination of tracking devices, protocols, camera mounts, and engines is achievable within the same environment.

Workflow and Connectivity

Through Lucid Studio, Voyager supports external data connectivity, seamless integration with MOS based newsroom systems and enables triggering from studio automation systems.

Real-Time Reactiveness

Voyager enables real time control over scene elements, in PIE mode, without the need to package the project to go on-air.

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Real-Time Dynamic Shaders

Unreal4 allows the use of shaders to create realistic looking effects. From dynamic shadows, live-lights and light blooms, to reflections and refractions. These shaders and effects are applicable both in Augmented Reality and Virtual Studio environment.

Complex Animations

Unreal4 offers an unparalleled level of animation capabilities – IK, Skeleton, cloth, and Particles are just a part of the toolset. Voyager supports the use of Unreal’s sequencer to manage complex animations and trigger them effortlessly.


Through the use of Lucid Studio, it is possible to mix and match tracking protocols and camera mounts to meet the requirements of the production. Whether its manual heads, mechanical encoders, cable cams, or optical tracking system, it is all transparent to Lucid.

Newsroom Integration

Through Lucid Studio, Voyager supports seamless integration with MOS based newsroom systems. By using the Lucid Events as templates, journalists can easily select an event, populate it, and add it to their stories. Lucid Studio can then be used in conjunction with Overdrive for a fully automated production. Voyager supports ActiveX and HTML5 MOS plugins.

Data Integration

Driving graphics with external data into the Unreal Engine is straightforward with Lucid Studio & Voyager’s external data capabilities. Voyager is linked to XPression Datalinq server, to parse data from multiple external data sources and feed it directly into Voyager. Tell better stories, discuss statistics, or show the forecast, it is all at your fingertips.

Logic & Scripting

The Blueprint Visual Scripting system in the Unreal Engine is a complete and highly versatile scripting system based on the concept of using a node-based interface to create interactions from within the Unreal Editor. Lucid Studio offers control and triggering ability over blueprints by hooking into the UE4.27 workflow.

Unreal 4.27

Voyager is built on Unreal Engine version 4.27. As part of this build, Voyager users can leverage some new plugins, including a new lens calibration plugin and another one for videowall calibration which make Voyager a lot faster to deploy.


Voyager 4.27 works seamlessly with the Panasonic AW-UE150 PTZ camera. Select the camera from Lucid Studio’s mounts list, select the right lens curve, and you are ready to produce content. From Lucid Studio’s native interface, you can even open Panasonic’s web interface to control multiple cameras and see a preview of each camera.


Voyager 4.27 support NDI ® streams as sources and thus, saves on hardware resources of the system.


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Monogram Creative Console Integration

Monogram Creative Console is a modular, free-form control surface designed to enable hands-on and dynamic interaction with creative software.

About Monogram Creative Console

Each console is a system of magnetically-connected modules.

  • Core: connects and powers the entire layout. Includes IPS LCD that displays the active profile and 2 mechanical keys for switching profiles
  • Key: 3 tactile, mechanical keyswitches
  • Dial: 3 infinite-turn encoders with secondary press function
  • Slider: 3 60mm linear faders
  • Orbiter: 3 dimensions of control. Uses a pressure-sensitive center disc (X/Y axes) surrounded by an infinite-turn encoder ring (Z axis)

Profiles & Integrations

  • Monogram Creator software runs in the background and connects the console to integrations like Lucid Studio
  • Consists of a UI for module assignments and a service that drives integrations
  • Creator manages the modular layout—modules keep their function when moved around.
  • Assign modules to control Lucid; change their sensitivity, range, and incrementation in Creator
  • These sets of assignments are called Profiles; profiles can be saved, recalled, and shared amongst crew

Key Benefits for Operators

  • Direct access to objects in the scene. Gives the operator the ability to move, rotate, scale, and animate without distraction from menus or tool panels.
  • Muscle memory and enhanced precision. Offers an immediacy and precision that is impossible to replicate using an on-screen UI.
  • Control multiple parameters simultaneously.

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