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Ultrix Software Defined Routing Platform

The award winning Ultrix 12G Router is the ultimate routing, multiviewer, and signal processing platform for Studios, OB Vans, and Flypacks. As the only software defined platform, customers realize significant cost, space, and power efficiencies with unparalleled flexibility and agility, especially relative to competitive hybrid routers.

Software Defined

Easily add new features through additional software licenses. No additional hardware required.

12G Ready

Ultrix natively supports 12G throughout the entire chassis. This means it’s ready for UHD production when you are, without replacing any hardware or losing capacity.


New version of the latest Ultrix-FR5 routing/AV processing platform that adds IP I/O to the already impressive feature set of this disruptive, ‘Swiss Army knife’ infrastructure solution.

Integrated Design

The Ultrix 12G Router is infrastructure in a box. Video/audio routing, multiviewers, audio processing, frame synchronizers, clean/quiet switching, UHD gearboxing and more all unified in one single chassis.

Save Money

Because of its size, base feature set, and software capabilities, owners save significant money on upfront capital costs. Additionally, the advanced architecture provides significant ROI in terms of power, cooling, shipping, and space costs.

Pay As You Go

The software defined architecture means you simply buy what you need, when you need it. No need to make critical design decisions upfront, simply add appropriate functions when they are required.

Ultrix 12G Router Overview Video

The Ultrix 12G Router provides a compact and powerful combination of routing, multi-viewers, audio processing, and control, without requiring special hardware as advanced features can be added at any time via simple software licensing.


Rich Multiviewer Capabilities

Up to 24 Independent multiviewer heads in a single 5RU chassis. Each head supports up to 100 pips. Completely independent and individually controllable providing superior flexibility. Learn more about Ultriscape…

Powerful Audio Processing and Routing Fabric

Up to 3kx3k audio routing and processing fabric comes standard with Ultrix. Up to 2kx2k embedded, and 1kx1k discrete audio supported. Route, process, and configure down to a mono channel, regardless of I/O.

Robust Hardware

The multiple patent awarded hardware design is based on attention to little details. From the sophisticated thermal management, locking card guides and edge connections, advanced internal smart fabric and more, Ultrix 12G Router has been designed to perform in the harshest environments.

Ultrix-FR5 Infographic

The ability to change and update functionality via software license translates to significant cost, space, and power efficiencies with unprecedented flexibility and agility.

Ultrix I/O Cards

Ultrix platforms are built with a modular input and output matrix, to easily swap in unique I/O cards that build upon the Ultrix feature set. All these cards are compatible with each other on a single chassis and allow you to customize your Ultrix Connectivity Platform to serve as a hybrid-IP switcher, a signal-processing hub, or a 12G-capable Router, Multiviewer, and Signal Processing Platform.

Ultrix HDB-IO Cards

The core I/O board for the Ultrix family provides unparalleled power and performance for signal routing, processing, and multiviewers for baseband audio, as well as video signals from 270Mb/s to 12Gb/s:

  • 12G capable on every port– True single link 12G support is capable on every port of the frame with no loss of I/O
  • Full TDM audio processing standard– Deembed up to 16 channels of audio on every video input, embed up to 16 channels of audio on every output.  In addition, discrete audio is available via MADI.  Route, adjust gain, adjacent channel sum, invert, and tone insertion on outputs, all down to a mono channel level.
  • Clean/Quiet Switching on Every outputstandard– Every output on Ultrix supports the ability to do true, glitch free/pop free clean/quiet switching.  Simply enable on the outputs that require that functionality.
  • Enhance performance via Software Licensing– Add framesyncs (Up to 3G) on every input.  Add Multiviewer capability on up to three Outputs per board.  All this simply by purchasing the appropriate licenses.  No new hardware or special crosspoints required.

Ultrix IP-IO Card

Ultrix IP-IO cards introduce IP streams to the Ultrix platform, while maintaining all the powerful features and licensing capabilities of the HDB-IO cards:

  • Hybrid,SDI or IP, build what you need– With the addition of Ultrix- IP cards, you don’t need to choose between an SDI or IP platform, Ultrix does both. This card provides IP connectivity in addition to the standard SDI count of the Ultrix-HDB-IO card to allow you to build or migrate what you need, when you need it.
  • Keep the Power– With Ultrix-IP-IO, you get the ability to migrate to the emerging SMPTE-2110 transport standard, all while keeping the power and performance required for your facility.  Ultrix-IP-IO provides the capability to do such things as:
    • IP multiviewers
    • IP clean/quiet switching
    • IP framesyncs
    • IP audio embedding/deembedding


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




House of Worship




Video Matrix Size (max)36×3672×72160×160
Default I/O Slots1 (16×16 HD BNC + 2AUX I/O Ports)1 (16×16 HD BNC + 2AUX I/O Ports)None
Optional I/O Slots1 (16×16 HD BNC + 2AUX I/O Ports)3 (16×16 HD BNC + 2AUX I/O Ports)9 (16×16 HD BNC + 2AUX I/O Ports) slots 1-8;
FLEX slot 16×16 HD BNC only
Audio Matrix Size (with Optional MADI SFP’s)768×7681536×15363456×3456
Ultriscape MV Head License per SlotN/AN/A3 SDI or 2 IP
Maximum Ultriscape MV heads per System6 SDI12 SDI27 SDI or 18 IP

Ultrix Config Tool

A simple way to customize and quote your Ultrix Routing System.

Ultrix U

A place for online self-directed learning of Ultrix software and features.


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User Stories

  • With Ultrix, we tapped into things which we never envisioned to be front-end controls. Read more…

    Jonathan Lyth
    Systems Manager for WTS | Broadcast Systems Devision



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