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GearLite Point-of-Use Mini Converters

Small, throwdown modules that deploy where you need them, GearLite are rugged point-of-use solutions built to the same exacting standards as our openGear solutions.


A throwdown mini converter needs to be built tough. GearLite modules are all constructed from heavy steel and include features like locking connectors to ensure reliable operation, wherever you throw them.


Gearlite point-of-use modules let you put them right where you need them. Every GearLite module ships standard with flexible mounting accessories and a universal power supply. They feature a compact design, so they fit almost anywhere, be it in a rack, on stage, behind a monitor or in a fly pack.

Broadcast Grade

Small and compact doesn’t mean you need to settle for lower-grade processing. Our GearLite mini converter and distribution modules are built using the same high quality components and processing as our modular solutions, giving you broadcast-grade signal handling for SDI, 3G-SDI, 12G-SDI, fiber, audio and HDMI.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




Virtual Studio

House of Worship





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