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Compact AES67 & ST 2110 Audio Bridge Platform

At a Glance

Meet IGGY, our family of compact and feature-rich audio-over-IP bridges. Designed to bridge diverse audio formats, IGGY effortlessly brings together AES, MADI, or Analog audio with modern AES67 and ST 2110 network infrastructures. Whether your needs call for individual throwdowns or high-density rackmount configurations, IGGY is equipped to handle it all. 

With its robust design, open control, and powerful remote monitoring, IGGY ensures you have full command over your audio network. Plus, our comprehensive network insights further elevate your understanding and control of network conditions. Don’t let bulky equipment or incompatible formats slow you down – with IGGY, you’re always in the groove!

Compact and Feature-Rich Design

Iggy offers a compact form factor that delivers high channel density and robust features, all within a space-saving package.  With a range of mounting options, it can be easily deployed in diverse scenarios, whether it’s a throwdown for a one-off event or a permanent rack-mount installation.  Pick any three IGGY models and they’ll sit comfortably together in a 1RU mounting tray.

Seamless Integration & Interoperability

The IGGY family of audio-over-IP bridges effortlessly integrates AES, MADI, or Analog audio into any AES 67 or 2110 applications using complete and proven 2110 and AES 67 implementations. IGGY is also an ideal component in Ross Hyperconverged systems. Use IGGY MADI for AES 67/ST 2110-30 support via MADI I/O, IGGY Analog as a gateway to incorporate analog audio into hybrid or pure ST 2110 systems, or IGGY AES to include AES3 audio into similar environments. 

Open Control

In addition to Ross DashBoard, a plethora of discovery and control protocols are available, including NMOS, EmBER+, RAVENNA, SAP, Aneman, JSON API and a full featured WebUI.  Tally and GPIO functionality are enabled by TSL and RossTalk.  Enable control and monitoring your way, with the flexibility to connect to any network. 

Robust & Flexible Design

Compact form factor, flexible mounting options and robust mechanical features allow IGGY to effortlessly adapt to your environment.  Locking connectors ensure reliability on important interfaces which include PoE, Tascam DB25, Gig-E, optical ports, Tally output (4x) and TTL GPIO (8x).  Redundant power supplies add uncommon robustness to IGGY’s form factor.    


Powerful Remote Monitoring & Control

Information is key to successful 2110 and AES 67 network deployment and management. IGGY offers robust remote monitoring and control capabilities accessible through DashBoard or the Web UI. Its powerful diagnostic tools facilitate troubleshooting of Ethernet interfaces, providing valuable link statistics.


Comprehensive Network Insights

Diagnostic information like realtime bandwidth usage and PTP timing and sync are readily available. IGGY also facilitates packet capture for analysis of PTP handshake, control packets, and management protocols. Helpful onboard documentation provides flowcharts and step-by-step instructions for specific network, audio, and PTP investigation.  More than an audio/IP bridge, IGGY is a powerful tool for insight to the farthest edges of your network.

Watch our video to get a glimpse of how our compact and feature-rich audio-over-IP bridges that seamlessly integrate AES, MADI, or Analog audio with AES67 and ST 2110 networks can support your infrastructure.


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