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OverDrive Production Automation

Automated Production Control (APC) is now common place, delivering operational efficiencies, while taking complexity out of the production process. OverDrive is the most advanced APC system on the planet, enabling the most sophisticated productions to be executed cleanly and consistently, while delivering substantial savings in operational costs. With nearly 400 systems on-air, OverDrive is the world leader in APC. OverDrive offers unparalleled choice with integration to more than 220 different production devices. Both manual and automated control is provided to both Ross and third party devices including production switchers, routing systems, video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, and graphics systems.

Control Flexibility

Perform manual, semi-automated of fully automated productions at any time from the same control room, using the same equipment. Manual device control is always at the operator’s fingertips whether from OverDrive or a dedicated panel.

Configurable Interface

OverDrive offers an intuitive, user-configurable interface consolidating control of many devices into one control area. Use custom icons for quick identification and preview of the rundown.

Wise Investment

ROI can occur in a little as 12 months, offering a significant return for a capital expense.

No Mistakes

Delivers a consistent, repeatable, error-free production across a range of operator skill sets. OverDrive enables all operators to run clean, consistent productions, every day, every time.

Adapt Quickly

Easily accommodate live breaking news and changes on-the-fly. With a toolset unmatched by any other system, OverDrive is the clear leader in managing late-breaking or unscripted events.

Equipment Choice

Protect your current investment in production equipment as OverDrive integrates with equipment from a wide variety of manufacturers. Chose the devices to match your requirements and budget.

OverDrive Overview Video

OverDrive is the leading Automated Production Control system in the world with over 300 systems sold, and is capable of producing the largest and most complex of shows.



This is the primary application for managing all production elements, effects and transitions for ‘rundown-based’ scripted, and ‘on-the-fly’ unscripted productions. Learn more…


DirectControl provides direct, manual control of your production devices in a unified interface. Learn more…


OverDrive’s user-friendly TemplateEditor makes it easy to edit, manage, and configure OverDrive templates. Learn more…

MOS & NRCS integration

OverDrive’s NRCS Plugin was the first HTML5 MOS plugin to be rolled out under the new MOS spec. Learn more…


OverDrive has multiple user-definable timers to track things like program time, event time, clip time, and NRCS timing information. Learn more…

Enterprise Grade

Virtual Environment Support OverDrive has been tested and certified to work in multiple virtualization environments to provide the latest in redundancy and cost-saving solutions. Learn more…

What's New in Version 18?

Variable Audio Sources + QuickAudio Groups
OverDrive Solution
Why did we do it?
What is it?
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Automation Challenges with all APC Vendors
  • Too Many Templates
  • Multiple Studios = Multiple sets of templates
  • Changes to the rundown order means you need to verify or modify elements to ensure the correct audio is associated
OverDrive Solution: Variable Audio Sources + QuickAudio Groups
  • Variable Sources + QuickAudio allows you to create generic templates that can be moved from segment to segment, show to show, studio to studio without the need to open, modify or edit.
  • Variable values are set at the top of the segment or show and the generic template inherit those values.
  • Variables and Groups can be easy to read and remember (Anchor Names, Desk Locations…)
  • Using information already used by producers – like “Anchor” or “Reader” columns in the NRCS – OverDrive can use this information to assign the correct audio to shots.
  • These tools reduce the amount of template tremendously – a simple 3 Camera + 3 Mic + VoiceOver scenario would create 28 possible shots for users to select from. With this new feature, the same result is achieved with 4.

Why did we do it?

We were asked to by a customer and we loved the idea! Here is the story:

  • One of our customers presented us with a problem they were going to be facing as they expanded their facility and were planning on producing any show from any studio or control room. A problem many broadcasters are facing.
  • On a cold December day, we took a field trip with a few of our developers and spent a day with the customer, listened to their scenarios and how they currently work.
  • On the drive back to Ottawa from Montreal after about 30 minutes of silence we all had the same thought for the solution to the problem– we arrived back in Ottawa and sat in the car in front of the first developers house and continued to discuss the solution until the neighbors light started to turn on wondering why there was a strange car parked outside.
  • We proposed the solution to the customer and after a few short rounds of clarification and scope definition, we had a plan.
  • Development started on this early summer – and is now shipping!
What is it?
  • Variable Audio allows you to create “virtual audio sources” that act as a “router” or layer of abstraction when building your production.
  • Users can build generic templates with Variable Audio Sources and then during show preparation or throughout a show to “route” different real channels to be used.
  • During the Show the users can use Variables, QuickAudio and the new Grouping functionality to assign the audio using keywords like presenter names or studio locations – notes already used by producers and directors. We are turning those notes into functional metadata
  • Elements from a show at 4PM out of Studio 1 can be used at 5PM out of Studio 2 by dragging the element from on rundown to the next without any user intervention or need to edit the story or shots.
  • With this new feature + the added functionality added in version 17 for MOS re-direction and the use of routers like Ultrix — users can, at the last minute, drag shows from “Control 1 – Studio 1” to “Control 3 – Studio 4” without the need to re-build shows.
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Device Integration

Unmatched Choice OverDrive has the most extensive library of supported 3rd party devices, permitting you to choose from the best in putting your APC system together. This ensures that you will be able to achieve creative and engineering goals while at the same time meeting budgetary requirements. The OverDrive device interface engineering and quality assurance teams at Ross are continually adding new devices to meet new requirements, along with the retesting and advancement of currently available interfaces.

Maintenance plans

Every OverDrive system is delivered with 12 months of Software Maintenance which includes all software updates for the OverDrive system. After the 12 month period has passed, you have the option to purchase an annual Maintenance Plan.

Software Maintenance Plan Includes all OverDrive software updates for the year.

Software / Hardware Maintenance Plan Includes all OverDrive software updates for the year as well as an OverDrive server hardware upgrade after every third Maintenance Plan payment. All Ross systems include world-renowned phone support for the life of the product!


Additional Rundown ClientOptional (Max 3)OptionalOptional
Additional DirectControl ClientOptional (Max 3)OptionalOptional


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User Stories

  • We looked at several systems that would fit our needs. We ended up choosing Ross because they could provide a turnkey system approach. Watch the video…

    David Desrochers
    VP Engineering at NESN
  • For the 8 years that we’ve had the Ross Switcher and OverDrive, I’ve physically touched the switcher maybe five times during the newscast. It’s all done through OverDrive. Watch the video…

    Jeff Necko
    Newscast Director at WKBN 27
  • Ross’ system is easy to use, and plays well with others. It has been perfect. Watch the video…

    Lasse Wamsler
    Managing Technical Director at TV2 East



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