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Sunday, April 23rd, 2017 [Las Vegas, Nevada, USA] – Ross Video announced today two new additions to the CamBot line of free roaming pedestals. Leveraging the unique geometry of the robotic XY base developed for the industry-leading CamBot 700XY, the new 600XY series pedestals offer the same accuracy, repeatability, and reliability that existing CamBot users are accustomed to. Both new models feature the mid-range 600PT pan/tilt head, which combines a 57kg (125lb) payload capacity with fast, smooth, and accurate movements. Available in two configurations, users now have a choice of three different models when purchasing a CamBot free-roaming pedestal.

The entry-level 600XY-S2 combines a cost-effective 2-stage lift with the 600PT head, while the mid-range 600XY-S3 leverages the 3-stage lift from the 700XY, which provides a 50% increase in elevation range relative to the S2 version. The payload capacity of the 600XY is ideally suited for most of today’s studio camera rigs, which typically include an ENG/EFP or box camera and lens, prompter and talent monitor, tally light and clock, and other accessories. The two new models provide a more cost-effective alternative to the heavy duty 700XY, for studios where the payload is a little lighter, and the full power of the 700XY is not required.

The price of the 600XY-S2 offers an attractive alternative to customers looking for a studio robotics solution. As the cost of cameras, lenses and prompters has dropped, many budget-conscious studios have opted for five or six pan/tilt heads on tripods, unable to afford the higher cost of a free-roaming pedestal. However, they were forced to sacrifice flexibility and creativity by giving up the floor and elevation movements afforded by fully robotic pedestals, while creating congestion in the studio. With the breakthrough pricing of the CamBot 600XY, the total cost of three camera chains based on 600XY-S2 pedestals will often be less than a comparable setup based on five or six robotic pan/tilt heads on tripods. This means that users can now enjoy the benefits of a free-roaming pedestal, while saving money and reducing complexity.

“Customers have been looking for a solution that provides a way for them to get back some of the advantages they enjoyed when they still used manual pedestals, such as the flexibility to reposition cameras anywhere in the studio, or the visual appeal of on-air movements”, stated Bruce Takasaki, Ross Robotics marketing product manager. “With the 600XY series, Ross has made that possible by offering a fully-featured robotic pedestal at a price point that changes the economics of studio robotics. As a result, users no longer have to make these sacrifices to get the operational cost savings and quality improvements that studio robotics can deliver.”

With industry leading accuracy provided by the unique differential steering technology incorporated in CamBot, the 600XY pedestals are also perfect for Virtual Studios and Augmented reality. Tracking data is included with all three members of the CamBot free-roaming pedestal series, at no extra charge. This makes CamBot one of the central elements of Virtual Solutions packages from Ross Video. As with all Ross Robotics, the CamBot 600XY series integrates tightly with automated production control systems such as Ross Overdrive, as well as other third party systems.

The CamBot 600XY series are members of the industry’s broadest portfolio of studio quality camera robotics, all designed, developed, and manufactured internally. Combined with the industry’s best customer support, where 24/7/365 phone and email support are included with every product, Ross Robotics deliver quality, performance, and peace of mind to users around the world.

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