Radio and Streaming Audio Processor

Radio and Streaming Audio Processor

Centralized radio and streaming audio processor for IP / AES67 networks

Get scalable radio processing, featuring the latest generation Optimod processing by Orban, for multiple services and distribution paths, including FM, digital radio, streaming, mobile and more.

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The Radio and Streaming Audio Processor (RSAP) is a centralized, multi-channel audio processor for radio broadcast and streaming services. It provides world-class Optimod audio conditioning from Orban to create the finest expression of your sonic signature integrated with AES67/Livewire+ connectivity. Built upon the scalable softGear microservice-based platform, it is deployed through on-premise appliances with a migration path to cloud processing. RSAP is ready to meet the transmission needs of today and tomorrow.

The RSAP integrates Orban’s flagship Optimod radio processing for both analog FM transmission and digital media (DAB+/HD Radio/Streaming). Providing two-band as well as five-band audio processing structures, it gives you the industry’s most consistent sound, track-to-track and source-to-source. This consistency allows you to create a sonic signature for your station with the assurance that your signature will stay locked in, uniquely branding your sound.

Offering native AES67 and Livewire+ connectivity, the RSAP features fully redundant networking to integrate into your audio-over-IP radio broadcast plant seamlessly and reliably. The RSAP offers up to eight channels of Orban Optimod processing in a single appliance, allowing dense centralization of multiple radio services.

The softGear™ software media processing platform forms the basis of the RSAP. It provides the flexibility to adapt to changing programming needs through media processing microservices on COTS hardware and in the Cloud. Integrating best-of-breed media processing from Ross Video and Orban, the RSAP is can be easily configured and managed through a common and familiar DashBoard interface.

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  • Based on softGear™–Modern microservice technology allows easy scaling, migration, and redundancy, giving you the ultimate flexibility in solution deployment on-premise or in the private cloud.
  • Best-of-Breed Processing – Featuring Optimod radio processing by Orban®.
  • Livewire+ / AES67 – Audio over IP connectivity integrates easily into modern radio broadcast infrastructure.
  • Redundant Network Interfaces – With support for 2022-7 hitless switching.
  • Channel Density – Well-suited for centralized facilities with many integrated media processing chains. Consolidate racks of hardware into compact servers or Cloud.
  • MX Limiter– Proprietary MX limiter technology lowers distortion, improves transient punch, and minimizes FM analog pre-emphasis-induced high-frequency loss.
  • Window-Gated AGC – Advanced two-band window-gated AGC controls your levels subtly and unobtrusively over a 24 dB range.
  • Multi-Band Processing – The linked two-band and five-band compressor and limiter followed by a proprietary loudness controller provide comprehensive spectral balance control while maximizing loudness and minimizing distortion.
  • Equalizers – Advanced EQ control including Shelving Low Bass EQ, Four-band Parametric EQ with analog-style bell-shaped curves, Program Adaptive HF Enhancer, and Brilliance control. Sweepable low-pass and high- pass filters with adjustable slopes, 6 to 24 dB/octave.

  • Hand-crafted Presets – Built through years of critical listening to thousands of hours of material, presets tuned to a variety of genres to make your programming sound great right out of the box.
  • LESS-MORE Control – Adjustment of the dynamics processing lets anyone get excellent results, while audio processing experts can fine-tune to their exact preferences with Intermediate or Advanced Control.
  • Subharmonic Synthesizer – Creates energy one octave below program energy in the range of 50-90 Hz when such energy is not present at the input and when music is detected. It adds punch and slam to older material while retaining musicality.
  • “Multipath Mitigator” Left/Right Phase Skew Correction – Applied to both the analog and digital radio processing chains, the phase skew corrector minimizes L–R energy that can cause multipath distortion while preventing comb filtering in mono receivers and stereo receivers when they blend.
  • True Peak Control – Available for digital radio processing with an accuracy of better than 0.5dB. For typical program material, accuracy is 0.2dB.
  • ITU-R BS.1770-4 Loudness Control – Available for digital radio and analog radio processing chains in countries that enforce a BS.1770 loudness limit on digital and/or analog radio broadcasts.
  • Intuitive control and monitoring– Made possible via Ross Video DashBoard.
  • Backed by legendary Ross Support.

Audio over IP has been a mainstay in radio operation for several years, but to realize its full potential and to increase flexibility and reduce cost, there is a desire to move away from dedicated hardware and evolve to software radio processing. softGear™ Radio and Streaming Audio Processor (RSAP) delivers on this promise. A single RSAP processor offers up to 8 processing instances in a single 1RU appliance. This provides the capacity for multiple radio services to be conditioned in minimal rack space with reduced physical and power footprint. The RSAP accepts Livewire+ and AES67 audio-over-IP, applies the latest generation Optimod processing by Orban, and forwards processed audio to transmission. Multiple processing instances can easily be employed to tailor each program to the various distribution paths, including analog, digital and streamed radio formats – FM, DAB, DAB+ and HD Radio. Additionally, centralized management simplifies configuration and operation, which can reduce costly visits to remote transmitter sites.

The Radio and Streaming Audio Processor consists of a 1RU server platform running the softGear microservices platform. The system may then be licensed to the needs of your application:

  • Up to 8 Orban Optimod processing microservices
Ordering Code Description
SG-RSAP-PKG Radio and Streaming Audio Processor system
SG-HW-1000 1RU server for softGear platform
SG-IO-IP1G-2 Intel i350 connectivity card 1G
SG-SYS-CORE-1CPU-LICENSE softGear platform license for 1-CPU servers
SG-SYS-AES67-LICENSE AES67 / Livewire+ Transport license
SG-ORB-R-STD-LICENSE Orban Radio Processing microservice license

All systems include a standard 1-year hardware warranty with software support.
Extended support and software maintenance options are available through RossCare+.

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