Radio and Streaming Audio Processor

Radio and Streaming Audio Processor

Cost-effective radio and streaming audio processor for IP / AES67 networks

Softgear’s Radio and Streaming Audio Processor takes your audio to the next level.

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Introducing your cost-effective radio and streaming audio processor for IP / AES67 networks. Powered by legendary Orban® Radio processing within the softGear™ architecture, the Radio and Streaming Audio Processor offers an unmatched set of algorithms for automatic and manual audio processing of FM, HD and streaming applications. Choose from 50 defined pre-sets or create your own custom pre-sets to ensure a smooth and consistent way to modify your audio requirements as needed.

The Radio and Streaming Audio Processor offers a secondary processing engine for HD radios and IP streaming applications. Multiple meters and controls provide a visual representation of all processes and offer a quick way to identify and remedy any imperfections in your audio path. As a result, you can quickly influence and adjust the behaviour of your programming by applying different pre-sets or by modifying components of each processing engine.

Radio and Streaming Audio Processor elevates your audio to elevate your audience!

In a nutshell

  • Multiple audio processors in a single chassis? You bet!
  • The most famous audio processing algorithms? Absolutely!
  • Multiple options for loudness algorithm? No problem!!
  • Single audio path for FM and Streaming? Easy!

  • Based on softGear™– Modern OS-level virtualization technology allows easy scaling, migration and redundancy, giving you the ultimate flexibility in solution deployment on-premise, or in the private cloud.
  • MX Limiter – Proprietary MX limiter technology lowers distortion, improves transient punch, and minimizes FM analog pre-emphasis-induced high-frequency loss.
  • Window-Gated AGC, Advanced, two-band window-gated AGC controls levels subtly and unobtrusively over a 24 dB range.

  • Multi-Band Processing – The linked two-band and five-band compressor and limiter followed by a proprietary loudness controller provide comprehensive spectral balance control while maximizing loudness and minimizing distortion.
  • Digital Radio Processing, Secondary HD Radio, digital radio and streaming processing engine provides excellent loudness control and minimizes distortion.
  • Intuitive control and monitoring via Dashboard™
  • Backed by legendary Ross Support

Customers transitioning to IP Radio operation have been looking to move away from dedicated hardware to software radio processing to increase flexibility and reduce cost. softGear™ Radio and Streaming Audio Processor is a product that delivers on this promise. Customer can send audio via Audio-over-IP to the system that will process and forward audio to various media distribution systems. Radio and Streaming Audio Processor for all analog, digital and streamed radio formats – AM, FM, DAB, DAB+ and HD Radio using the Ross softGear™ platform. Provides the industry’s most consistent sound, track-to-track and source-to-source. This consistency allows you to create a sonic signature for your station with the assurance that your signature will stay locked in, uniquely branding your sound.

Radio and Streaming Audio Processor
SG-RSAP-PKG The Radio and Streaming Audio Processor is your cost-effective radio audio processor based on a legendary Orban® Radio processing and a softGear™ architecture running on COTS hardware. You can run from 1x up to 8x Radio Processing license per server.

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