Keep your participants, members, employees, and constituencies better informed by producing and broadcasting high quality assembly meetings.

Comprehensive televised coverage of various assembly meetings along with an accessible video archive has become expected by individuals around the world.

Go Modern

  • Enable comprehensive control of meetings with an easy to use design
  • Keep the system current via a software maintenance program that benefits from constant development with new features
  • Integrate with third party products to enable seamless and efficient workflows
  • Produce more complex meetings with the same number of people

Complete It Fast

  • Quickly manage an entire meeting without requiring extensive training even with a single person
  • Control multiple devices at the press of a button (cameras, switcher, graphics)
  • Assign representative to a seat in moments

Make It Powerful

  • Reduce operational expenditures to a minimum with a more flexible approach
  • Load up files to completely reconfigure the system to control the same room for a different meeting, or a completely different room
  • Take advantage of having a single company to contact, and 24/7/365 technical support that diminishes any possible issues

In the past, many organizations had no interest or demand for recording or broadcasting meetings. Today’s on demand culture demands a considerably different approach.

Organizations now have requirements for communications from live sessions, company meetings, educational seminars, and press conferences. In addition, recordings must be made for archive and accessible for uses such as re-broadcast, live streaming and video-on-demand.

Many organizations have a number of challenges including limited budgets with small, or no dedicated staffs to operate systems. Solutions have to be full featured to produce consistent and compelling content, but easy and simple enough to even be operated by as few as one person with minimal training.

Ross offers a comprehensive solution for efficiently controlling and producing assembly meeting broadcasts.

The Lightning Control System (LCS) offers organizations of any size or any level, whether city, state, national or international, to benefit from decades of live production product experience from Ross Video and apply it to their proceedings. What sets the solutions apart from anything else available is the combination of products and services that comprise the whole package. This reduces the risk on implementing a system and supporting it if an issue occurs to get meetings back on air as quickly as possible.

Lightning CS offers simple and intuitive workflows and minimizes technical obstacles. Live event production for assembly meetings continues to be an area of focus for the Ross Video organization, unlike other companies that made systems available and have not updated them since they were launched.

Why Ross

Over the years the portfolio of solutions and products has expanded dramatically from Ross, and today offers the world’s broadest range of video production equipment and services for producing meetings of any company in the world. Ross has been leading improvements in making live event video production more integrated, easier, more affordable, and more secure through integrated production systems, flexible graphics presentation, media workflow management, and the ability to add production customization. The Ross portfolio includes most of the key production equipment you will need, from robotic camera systems, to production control room equipment like graphics and production switching, media workflow software tools, and a range of routing and signal processing equipment to distribute, transport, and convert signals and data around buildings, campuses, locations, and across the Internet.

Because of the broad product range and expertise, Ross systems are validated to interoperate effectively with a large array of third party products such as large displays, editors, and audio systems to provide seamless and efficient productions from whatever type of solution you choose to best match your requirements.

A big part of making any project a success is the assistance that can be provided by the company that you are acquiring technology from. This is an area where Ross really stands out. Ross is well known for excellent services and support. Ross offers project management, commissioning, training, and creative services assistance to work with your system integrators, that ensures your deployment is easy and gets you creating productions right away.

Ross also has some other unique advantages in offering solutions to you. Besides distinct assembly meeting focused solutions, Ross is able to apply the knowledge and experience gained from supplying sports solutions, education solutions, and broadcast solutions as well. There are parallels in workflows, production, and technology that Ross is able to leverage that can enhance what is proposed to you. Whether you are building a completely new facility or simply need to add a few key upgrades, chances are good that Ross has a solution that fits.