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Production switchers are at the heart of your operation and they are at the heart of ours. Founder, John Ross, started by selling his airplane and using the proceeds to build a better switcher — a mission which remains at the core of our business today. Ross switchers grant you double peace-of-mind: the dependability of Ross engineering, plus the preparedness that comes from our futureproof design philosophy.

Our goal is to provide you with the ultimate tools to get your creative vision on the air. The results speak for themselves – a lineup of groundbreaking production switchers, all built on advanced platforms that deliver unmatched live production power today and into the future.

Flagship Production Switchers

Ultrix Acuity

The power of Ross Video’s flagship production switcher and the game-changing feature set of its flexible hybrid routing platform have been merged to create a complete production platform in Ultrix Acuity.

Ultrix Carbonite

Ultrix Carbonite combines the routing and processing capabilities of Ultrix with the sophisticated creative capabilities of Carbonite, the world’s most popular mid-size production switcher.

Mid-Sized Production Switchers

Carbonite Ultra 60

Offering big switcher performance in a cost-effective hardware platform, Carbonite Ultra 60 features modular I/O boards that provide up to 60 Inputs and 25 Outputs and three full MEs in HD or UHD.

Carbonite Ultra

1RU SD/HD/UHD Production Powerhouse

Carbonite Ultra packs big switcher power and performance into a compact, budget-friendly, 1RU footprint.

Compact Production Switchers

Carbonite Black Solo

Powerful yet surprisingly affordable. Carbonite Black Solo packs a professional-quality feature into a compact 1 ME production switcher.

Software Based Production Switcher

Carbonite Code

Designed to meet the evolving demands of a growing community of live production professionals, Carbonite Code combines the production power of Ross Video’s Carbonite range with the efficiency and low latency of NDI video transport technology.

Control Panels

Control Panels

From Acuity to TouchDrive there is a control surface that will maximize an operator’s ability to produce eye-catching effects that help tell the most compelling stories.

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