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Douglas Johnson
Marketing Product Manager

Executive Summary

Presentation of uniquely creative content for live programs is achieved with a flexible, feature-rich, multi-channel production server.

Create More Interest

  • Enhances live production environments as a networked video production server that contributes clips, finished video segments, and animated transitions
  • Includes just the right feature set to support a wide range of live production applications
  • Provides two channel counts and five storage capacity configurations to match various production requirements

File it Fast

  • Supports efficient integrated Media File Workflows
  • Streamlines workflows with built-in Media File Import / Export tools
  • Handles Video+Key clips as a single clip asset, rather than two assets

Control the Flow

  • Provides maximum flexibility in live television production control rooms with all video channels being used as either recorder or player
  • Integrates RS-422 serial and Ethernet control over every video channel
  • Delivers predictable and precise operation for live productions