Video Servers

Mira Express

Compact Replay System

Dual SSD Media Drives

Dual removeable SSD media drives conveniently mounted at the front of the Mira Express chassis are configured as separate ‘Events’ and ‘Clips’ drives. The ‘Events’ SSD captures and replays the ingested multi-camera content — while the ‘Clips’ SSD stores ‘evergreen’ clip media that’s repeatedly used during every live production.

Multi-Server Content Sharing

Cover larger events with more than 4 cameras by networking two or more Mira Express servers via 1G Ethernet — and then easily share content between servers with clips and highlights playlists streamed across the network and played from the local Mira Express PGM Player outputs.

Incredible Value

Mira Express provides all the essential replay features found in our premium Mira+ replay system, but at a very accessible and affordable price point.

The Mira Control Surface and operations of this panel with the Mira Replay app is identical in both the Mira Express and Mira+ replay systems — so operators can seamlessly migrate to Mira+ if you decide to upgrade to our premium replay system in the future.

Replay & Production in One Product

Mira Express supports both live instant replay and live production workflows by including several built-in User applications specifically tailored for both environments:

This User application is identical to the same application featured in our Tria Express Duet video server. On those days you don’t need live instant replay — or need to support a mixed ‘live production’ and ‘live replay’ workflow, you can use any number of the video channels in Mira Express as a fully-featured live production video server. It’s like having two video server products in one!

This User application operates in conjunction with the Mira Control Surface panel to support multi-camera live instant replay operations, as well as multi-camera ‘live-to-disk’ editing workflows — either with very quick turn-around of clipped content and playlist play-out.

The built-in Media File Import tool with multiple Watch Folder functionality will ingest, transcode, resize, and convert the frame rate of a huge variety of media files — without the use of a video channel thereby allowing you to dedicate all your server’s expensive video channels to live recording and playback tasks

PIERO + Mira Integration

Combining our PIERO Broadcast sports analysis graphics system with the Mira replay system creates a seamlessly integrated live sports storytelling solution. No other solution comes close to matching the speed and efficiency of PIERO + Mira to generate captivating sports analysis graphics for live playout!

Comprehensive Remote Control

Mira Express supports multiple remote-control protocols, providing tight integration not only with Ross switchers, but also with a broad range of third-party switchers.

Most professional switcher manufacturers (including Ross) have integrated remote-control over Express directly from the switcher’s control panel, which enables advanced features such as clip library review, clip selection, clip loading, playlist loading, and baseband live recording.

This level of tight integration between Express and your production switcher simplifies your live production workflows and greatly reduces the possibility of on-air operational errors.

When Mira Express video channels are connected to a production switcher via dedicated RS-422 or networked Ethernet, the integrated system becomes even more productive.

Video+Key+Audio (VKA) clip loading and playback in Express can be combined with production switcher transitions and effects, all effortlessly controlled directly from the production switcher’s control surface.

With comprehensive remote-control interface abilities and the fastest “clip load and play” response time possible, you can calmly rely upon Mira Express during those hectic moments of your live productions.


Supported Video Standards
HD Video 720p /59.94 /50
1080i /59.94 /50
SD Video 525i /59.94
625i /50


Media Storage Options
Option – 01 3.8TB SSD @ RAID-0
= 76-Hours in 720p/1080i
Option – 02 7.6TB SSD @ RAID-0
= 152-Hours in 720p/1080i



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