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Broadcast technology is increasingly being used inside and outside of the classroom to help students learn and connect with the larger community. Video, including live production, is used to broadcast student sports, news, and other activities, along with community events both on and off campus.

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Bring the real world into the classroom
Hear from remote teachers and alumni round the globe. Open up distance learning options for students. Give students the opportunity to learn and use broadcast technology for media communications.

Deliver real-time student communications
Share important campus announcements and other news in real-time with students, parents, and other stakeholders.

Improve crisis communications
Be prepared to deliver critical information immediately with professional equipment quickly and easily.

Increase community participation and outreach
Deliver relevant information live and on-demand with one easy-to-use platform that supports screens of all sizes and social media message amplification. Broadcast school athletic and other events to the larger community.

Realize new and incremental funding opportunities
Realize professional grade campus productions including sports, opening up larger and potentially new funding streams that can be reinvested back into school programs.

Pepperdine University Success Story

With Inception, Pepperdine is now using one common platform and one interface, and they can fully manage all newscasts and other social media content aggregation from approval to publication.

“Not only has Inception helped us better manage story creation, assignment workflow, studio productions and social media content, but the Ross Inception team went out of their way to partner with other organizations to facilitate an entire on- campus weekend professional development and monitoring session for Pepperdine students,” continued Bill. “The team at Ross fully supports multimedia production education and multi-media production educators.”

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Multi-site Streaming

· Reach local and remote speakers including satellite campuses easily and effectively.

· Bring in remote guest speakers from across the globe.


  • Get expert broadcasts without having to be broadcast experts.
  • Start broadcasting school productions after only 30 minutes of training – no detailed knowledge of production switching or character generation required.

Dynamic Real-time Graphics

  • Display and update pertinent event information in real-time.
  • Leverage Ross XPression for global template changes.

Unified Device Control

  • Get centralized device control of robotic cameras, microphone systems, and graphics.

Proven & Risk-free

  • Implement an integrated solution from one vendor.
  • Access Ross’ award-winning 24/7/365 customer support.

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