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Training the next generation of video production professionals doesn’t have to come with compromise. Teaching with industry-leading tools from Ross provides students with the foundation needed to become top industry operators.

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Teach production workflow
Ross solutions are great for teaching both traditional and modern workflows. Technology has enabled whole new ways of producing and delivering television and Ross can help modernize your curriculum to ground students in traditional methods while expanding their knowledge into new areas like automated production, augmented reality and social media.

Invest in flexibility
Easily transform a control room to suit different types of productions – from news to sports to live auditorium productions and everything in between. This gives students exposure to a broad range of production experiences and a path to potential job opportunities.

Scale your solution
Ross has a deep portfolio of products, enabling you to start small and add equipment as the educational program grows. Easily add licenses / users, link chassis together, unlock features and swap out hardware when it’s time to expand.

Pepperdine University Success Story

With Inception, Pepperdine is now using one common platform and one interface, and they can fully manage all newscasts and other social media content aggregation from approval to publication.

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Multi-site Streaming

· Reach local and remote speakers including satellite campuses easily and effectively.

· Bring in remote guest speakers from across the globe.


  • Get expert broadcasts without having to be broadcast experts.
  • Start broadcasting school productions after only 30 minutes of training – no detailed knowledge of production switching or character generation required.

Dynamic Real-time Graphics

  • Display and update pertinent event information in real-time.
  • Leverage Ross XPression for global template changes.

Unified Device Control

  • Get centralized device control of robotic cameras, microphone systems, and graphics.

Proven & Risk-free

  • Implement an integrated solution from one vendor.
  • Access Ross’ award-winning 24/7/365 customer support.
Ross News Solutions for Education

News Computer System

  • Browser based interface
  • Story-centric workflow supported for digital content and MOS
    integrated linear productions
  • Curate content from and publish content to digital and social media
  • Integrates with teleprompters, XPression, Streamline, Tria News and
  • Locally hosted or Cloud hosted options available
  • Learn more…

Asset Management System

  • Organize assets for graphics and for video production
  • Browser based – access everywhere
  • Local and cloud hosted options available
  • Work Order Management available for Graphics workflows
  • Placeholders available for Graphics and Production workflows
  • Integrates with XPression, Tria News and Inception
  • Learn more…

Automated Production Control

  • Control all devices for flawless production execution
  • Full MOS support
  • Control both Ross and 3rd party devices
  • Learn more…

Real-time 3D Motion Graphics

  • Designer friendly easily building complicated graphics
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Full MOS integration
  • Software-defined to add channels and features as needed
  • Learn more…

News Playout Server

  • Multiple codec support
  • MOS compliant when paired with Streamline
  • 1 input and 4 outputs
  • Integrates with SAN storage
  • Learn more…

Production Switcher

  • Highly popular mid sized production switcher
  • Easy to learn and operate
  • Big switcher power at a fraction of the price
  • Robust hardware with multiple panel and frame options
  • Learn more…


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