June 14, 2023 - David Ross, Words from the Boss

Ross Video’s New Look: Potential IPO Opportunity & Customer-Focused Branding

Image of an engaged audience with Ross Video's new brand design

Ross Video CEO David Ross shared these comments ahead of the company’s launch of a more visually dynamic brand platform, an important step towards a potential IPO opportunity in the coming years.

We’re launching a new Ross look in advance of our potential IPO opportunity!

What, what? IPO?? Correct. When I was 50 I promised our employee and family shareholders that we’d go public before I turned 60. (looks at calendar) Oh, I’m 58! I’d better get on that! 🙂

When I talk to people about Ross going public, to be honest I usually hear more concern than enthusiasm. That’s totally understandable because our industry has had some inconsistent experiences with some great companies that went public, turned away from customers, and became financial instruments.

In all my dealings with the financial banking types, I’ve been very clear that Ross is NOT going down that path. Being laser focused on customer success has been at the core of our DNA, and at the core of our success. Why would anyone want to mess that up? (that’s a post in itself…)

This is where Ross is very different. We’re 100% family and employee owned. With our IPO plans we will “invite” public investors to participate in part our success, but I personally will still have complete voting control over the company. In technical terms, there’s “super voting” shares involved that ensure that as long as I work at Ross, I can’t be fired! I love what we do for our customers and I’m not going anywhere.

So, the new brand. You’ll notice that the logo is now in black or white and the customer-focused art is in color. Get it? Our focus is on the customer. Also, I think our team’s come up with a beautiful and sophisticated look that better matches who Ross is today.

But – say it isn’t so! No RED Ross logo? Don’t despair. When we’re not highlighting our customers, like on our buildings and other “durable” items, the familiar red Ross lives on. We haven’t changed THAT much. 🙂

I hope you like it.

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