May 2, 2024 - Ross Video Team, Technology

All I Need is a Router 

Ultrix is a versatile solution that can serve both basic routing needs and more complex live video production requirements.  

At its core, Ultrix is a non-blocking 12G-SDI routing fabric with a selection of platforms that scale from 16×16 all the way up to 288×288. It can be installed to serve basic routing needs but is ready to be unlocked as a more powerful Hyperconverged solution as your needs grow. The Ultricore control system completes the solution offering powerful control yet is easy to manage and configure.  

The Ultrix platform is built around a native 12G-SDI routing fabric, providing support for production standards in SD, HD, 3G, 6G and 12G-SDI. Whether your facility requires UHD today or tomorrow, Ultrix is ready with no tradeoffs on matrix size.  

A variety of platform sizes are available, with a modular I/O approach allowing you to right-size the system to your facility, with options for future expansion. Build systems starting at 16×16, you can expand up to 36×36 (in the 1RU ULTRIX-FR1), 72×72 (in the 2RU ULTIRX-FR2), 160×160 (in the 5RU ULTRIX-FR5) or an impressive 288×288 (in the 12RU ULTRIX-FR12). For larger facilities, multiple frames can be tied together using intelligent tie lines to build scalable distributed routing solutions. 

Each Ultrix system also integrates fully non-blocking multiviewers which don’t sacrifice routing capacity. What this means is that you don’t need to allocate precious router outputs to feed every multiviewer PIP.  A fine-grained audio fabric allows for full breakaway and shuffling without any extra hardware featuring audio de-embedding on every input, embedding on every output and MADI ports to provide flexible ingress and egress points for the audio in your system. Frames can be equipped with a mix of I/O that meets your facility requirements including SDI (up to 12G-SDI), fiber, HDMI, MADI, or ST 2110, with a flexible architecture to support new standards in the future. 

Regardless of size, the Ultricore control system offers a powerful set of tools to configure your connectivity solution, whether a simple 16×16 SDI router or a massive, distributed routing solution with hundreds of inputs and outputs. The configuration tools make it easy to build your system database to get up and running quickly but offer the power to tune it to meet your specific connectivity and workflow needs.  

Choose from a variety of soft GUI control and hardware control panels to meet your operation’s needs. Choose the touch enabled Ultritouch panels for the ultimate in flexibility, offering fully customizable touchscreen panels for not only routing control, but full facility control through the power of its integrated DashBoard control software. Alternatively, simple pushbutton panels can be deployed easily when fixed routing control is required. 

One of the great advantages of choosing Ultrix as your connectivity solution is that it opens the door to the full potential of a Hyperconverged solution. You can easily and quickly deploy a simple router, and later build upon it Ultriscape multiviewers, Ultriix-MXR audio mixers, powerful signal processing, and even award-winning Ultrix Carbonite and Ultrix Acuity production switchers. Most upgrades are software-enabled so they can easily be turned on at any time without complex and time-consuming racking and cabling. Pay as you go, only adding capability as you need it. 

Even though Ultrix can be a very powerful production infrastructure solution, it can also be easily deployed to your infrastructure as a powerful, yet easy-to-use routing solution. With flexible I/O, scalability, and intuitive control options, Ultrix is an ideal choice when all you need today is a router. However, as your needs grow, Ultrix is ready to let you build that simple router up to a highly integrated Hyperconverged production powerhouse! 

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