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December 13, 2023 – Ross Video Team
Technology What’s new with XPression Maps?

The latest upgrade to the XPression toolbox comes with the release of XPression Maps version 3.4. This update features a brand-new integration between the XPression Maps Server …

December 8, 2023 – Paul Seymour
Technology Beyond Traditional Switching: A New Approach to Scene-Based Workflows

For ten years, the innovation behind Carbonite production switchers has consistently addressed the daily challenges faced by technical directors and vision mixers.   With the recent debut of …

December 8, 2023 – Paul Seymour
Technology What’s New with Video Servers?

Designed to meet the demanding requirements of live broadcast workflows for production, presentation, and replay, Ross’s Video Server product line received another upgrade with the latest 9.2 …

cgi artwork of hyperconverged technologies
December 5, 2023 – Ross Video Team
Technology What is Hyperconverged Infrastructure in Video Production?

Imagine having the power to supercharge your production capabilities with a few clicks of a button. With hyperconverged technology, that’s not a distant promise; it’s a present-day …