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Executive Summary

The XPression line of real-time motion graphics systems, clip servers, workflow tools, and purpose-built software applications deliver complete solutions for your most demanding tasks. Whether you’re doing news, elections, sports, entertainment, branding, touchscreen, social media, virtual sets, or augmented reality, XPression keeps you miles ahead of your competition.

Handle Any Task

  • Leverage the latest advances in IT technologies for your productions with DirectX™ rendering, fast processors, and cutting-edge GPU technology.
  • Enjoy nearly instant recall times with predictable latency and frame-accurate video / graphic switching from intelligent caching and memory management for your graphics.
  • Take advantage of the highly-efficient XPression video codec with full support for alpha channel and 16 channels of audio that provides you a new standard for quality versus file size.
  • The flexibility of NAS and SAN configurations are supported for your high-volume graphics and video clips.
  • Effortlessly perform your most challenging 4K and multi-channel 1080p productions with no problem.

Enable the Creative

  • Designed with you in mind, XPression offers short learning curves that minimize your training costs and provides easy transitions from older systems.
  • Gain the benefits of familiar UI experiences and a more integrated workflow for your organization, rather than distributed architectures requiring separate programs for almost every step in the graphics production process.
  • Empower your operators and designers to achieve complex graphics functionality without a line of scripting, and reduce your need for outside services using Visual Logic scene automation.

Stay Ahead

  • Maximize your efficiency with a graphics platform that uses the very latest in software technology advances.
  • Enhance your productivity with a graphics engine that is fully hardware-independent to enable accurate offline rendering and easy platform upgrades for on-air systems.
  • Seamlessly incorporate 3D into any of your productions as the XPression engine operates entirely in 3D space, while presenting 2D graphics to users in a familiar way.
  • Continue to benefit from a strong and accelerating development curve that promises to bring you many new features and functionality in the coming years.

XPression solutions take advantage of a comprehensive and cohesive software suite, along with an open architecture for connectivity to the outside world. These powerful offerings are backed up with highly-ranked support and creative services.

There is virtually no graphics task that XPression solutions cannot handle for you. With multiple hardware platforms, software applications, and workflow tools, along with connectivity to many other products, XPression fits into almost any environment you can imagine.

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