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Live Audio Networking

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BACH ST2110 & AES67 Audio Networking Modules, Chips, and Software

Quickly give your products the freedom and power to perform across markets with our embedded live audio networking ST2110 & AES67 modules, chips and software solutions.

BACH™ offers a comprehensive set of embedded audio networking solutions, enabling your products to play in multiple audio networking environments, including AES67 and ST2110 complete with control from SAP (for Dante AES67), RAVENNA, and NMOS. BACH’s broad technology spectrum enables your single product investment to perform across markets.

From the highest capacity audio matrix systems, to the lowest system cost audio amplifier applications, BACH™ is a one-stop embedded solution for all of your professional audio networking and processing needs. BACH™ is available via plug-and-play hardware modules, system-on-chip, virtual soundcard, or intellectual property cores, complete with product development kits to help you get to market fast.

Outplay Your Competition

Create a unique selling proposition and differentiate your product with rapid and flexible customization.

Satisfy Your Customer’s Experience

Don’t get handcuffed to a generic controller. Own your customer’s experience and satisfy their needs better than anyone.

Perform Across Markets

Get the AES67/ST2110 performance you need to grow your revenue today.

Your Brand First

Promote your solution, not your supplier’s brand.

Plan For The Future Today

Live video with your audio on the same network from the experts who do both.

Security of Supply

Source your critical technology from multiple suppliers. You can count on Ross Video’s stability.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


ST2110 and AES67 L16/L24/L32/AM824 encoding with 1..80 audio channels per stream
Unrivalled audio performance with 125us to 1ms packet times
Optional digital audio interfaces:
• TDM – I2S/I4S/I8S/I16S/I32S
Flexible sample rate support including 44.1/88.2kHz, 48/96kHz
Configuration and control via embedded web server, ANEMAN and JSON API
SAP (for Dante AES67), NMOS, RAVENNA, 


Proven interoperability - Fully AES67 and ST2110 Compliant

Full compliance with synchronization requirements, not just packing audio in packets.  Guaranteed interoperability proven through deployment in live networks, extensive industry and multi-vendor testing.


The freedom to perform across markets via multi-protocol support on the same module, chip or software implementation for:

  • ST2110 & AES67 audio networking
  • SAP (for Dante AES67), RAVENNA, ANEMAN, and NMOS

Unrivalled Audio Performance

Leading industry performance with the lowest latency at 125µs and WAN-capable buffering, which when combined with the flexibility of any combination of 1 to 80 channels per stream, allows you to do more with your audio while using less equipment.


Differentiate your product and gain an advantage over your competition via customization.  BACH solutions enable customizable software and user interfaces allowing you to create a unique selling proposition for your customers

Open Control

  • Ravenna registration and discovery
  • NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 discovery, registration and connection control
  • SAP (for Dante AES67) registration and discovery
  • Configuration and control via embedded web server and JSON API

Video and Audio Together on One Network

Ross OEM has extensive expertise in video as well as audio and offers a range of video networking solutions.  BACH is ready for the future today by enabling audio, video, real-time control and file traffic to all run on the same network.

Bach U

A place for online self-directed learning of the Bach Audio Networking Modules, Chips, and Software.


≤ 265 Channels
≤ 64 Streams
3x GigE

Ultimate capacity module w/ customization options.

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64 Channels
No H/W Changes

Dante Brooklyn II is not taking you to ST2110?
Quickly plug into full compliance today!

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16 Channels
8 Streams


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Ross DashBoard & ANEMAN

Uniquely satisfy your user’s experience with open control frameworks.

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