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BACH Control Software

ST2110 AES67 Audio Networking Controller Software

Easily manage your network.


BACH is reliable, powerful and easy for you to integrate. But what your customer cares about is managing audio streams and making connections. We’ve got that covered too!

Deliver the optimum workflow with your choice of user interface. Point a browser to our integrated WebUI, design your ultimate UI with our JSON API, use it with any NMOS based broadcast control system, or you can use the free ANEMAN cross-platform controller.

We believe in open standards and freedom of choice. With BACH, your brand is front and centre and you define the optimal customer experience, without being tied to proprietary technologies.

Integrated WebUI

BACH devices have a WebUI that you can connect to using a standard web browser.

The WebUI lets you configure the device, see all the streams on your network, make connections, monitor PTP status and even download log files with all device and network activity.

Use our simple OEM customization tool to rebrand the WebUI and modify its layout to suit your product and workflow needs.

Full Featured API

The JSON API and documentation expose every controllable feature in the BACH devices. The API enables custom support of BACH to a new or existing controller with simple HTTP SET/GET commands sent over a network.

Complete NMOS Compliance

BACH devices are NMOS IS-04 and IS-05 compliant. BACH will automatically discover and register with an NMOS RDS. Any broadcast control system that uses NMOS can discover BACH devices and perform complete stream connection management.

ANEMAN Standalone Software Controller

If you want a simple, standalone controller to discover devices and make audio connections, then ANEMAN has you covered. It is free, cross-platform and supports dozens of audio products from multiple vendors.


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