Use video production to inform as well as instruct in your educational institution

Students now expect video content as part of their daily lives. Schools at all levels have the opportunity to use this medium to enhance learning and enrich the educational experience.

Make it Interesting

  • Ability to create custom control panels to accomplish new tasks
  • User interfaces optimized for operator learning and creativity
  • Robust function integration between production systems
  • Services for deployment including teaching system operation

Meet the Expectations

  • Very broad range of production systems made to work well together
  • Integration and validation with a large amount of third party products
  • Support for SD and HD formats- and even UHD
  • Flexibility to match a wide array of budgets and requirements

Play it Safe

  • A solid company with a 40+ year history of developing live production solutions
  • Highly rated customer support including lifetime technical advice by telephone and email plus product enhancements via free software upgrades

A wide array of production systems to teach and learn with

By integrating live production into your curriculum, traditional learning can be augmented with media elements and alternative perspectives. Besides having an additional teaching tool for all students, participants in media courses acquire useful technological skills. They also benefit from team-building and creative collaboration by being empowered with the tools and knowledge that future communicators need to succeed.

Video production also contributes to the livelihood of your educational institution by producing student news, community outreach information, sports, and other activities.

Ross Video has the experience that enables you to produce compelling and emotional productions and teaching materials in any size facility. Ross can provide a wide range of high-definition video production equipment to meet your budget, integration, and structural requirements. Ross has solutions that can scale from small spaces with size limitations, to classrooms, to the largest auditoriums and stadiums, and even to complete production studios for creation of educational programming.

Ross also has some unique advantages in offering solutions to you. Besides distinct education focused solutions, Ross is able to apply the knowledge and experience gained from supplying sports solutions, legislative solutions, and broadcast solutions as well. There are parallels in workflows, production, and technology Ross leverages which enhance what can be proposed to you.

Ross directly supports and facilitates a significant number of educational organizations throughout the US that directly promote video news production and provide quality educational opportunities to faculty, staff, teachers and students.

For colleges/universities, those organizations include the Broadcast Education Association (BEA), College Media Advisers (CMA), College Broadcasters Inc. (CBI) and many others.

For secondary schools, those organizations include SkillsUSA, Student Television Network (STN), Business Professionals of America (BPA) and many others.

Over the years the Ross portfolio has expanded dramatically and today Ross offers a very broad range of video production equipment and services for educational organizations. Ross has been leading improvements in making live event video production more integrated, easier, more affordable, and more secure through integrated production systems, flexible graphics presentation, media workflow management, and the ability to add production customization. The Ross product portfolio includes most of the key production equipment you will need, from robotic camera systems, to production control room equipment like graphics and production switching, media workflow software tools, and a range of routing and signal processing equipment to distribute, transport, and convert signals and data around buildings, campuses, locations, and across the Internet.

Having a broad product range and expertise, Ross has systems that are validated to interoperate effectively with a broad spectrum of third party products such as large displays, editors, and audio systems to provide seamless and efficient productions from whatever type of solution you choose to best match your requirements.

A big part of making any project a success is the assistance that can be provided by the company that you are acquiring technology from. This is an area where Ross really stands out. Ross is well known for excellent services and support. Ross offers project management, commissioning, training, and creative services assistance to work with your system integrators that ensures your deployment is easy and gets you creating productions with your instructors and students right away.

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