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Create the Ultimate Fan Experience

Deliver unforgettable game-day experiences while making your sports venue operations more efficient with Ross Video’s Unified Sports Venue Control Solution.

By combining the workflows of traditional production control room technology with LED content management systems our Unified Sports Venue Control Solution provides game-day operators with complete control of their productions while delivering a fully immersive experience for fans.

Achieve Total Venue Control

Put total venue control at the fingertips of your game-day operators by triggering your video production, LED content management system, remote cameras, projection systems, sound, lighting, and more – all with Ross technology.


Sports Venue Solutions

Ross products are tightly integrated using our proprietary RossTalk control protocol, which offers limitless control options for your event. No matter the size of the control space, Ross can fit the needs of any sized tournament.

Drive pre-rendered or real-time 3D graphics to displays of any size with complete pixel accuracy through our industry-leading LED Content Management Systems.

Focus more on creating a memorable fan experience and less on how many clicks it takes to get there with our DashBoard control software.

End to End Solution

We adapt the same technology that powers the biggest stadiums in the world for any size venue. From SoFi Stadium to local amateur facilities, we are here to meet the challenges of your production.

Product Line-up


Unified Venue Control

  • Unified Venue Control: Video Production, LED Display, and game day elements
  • Customizable User Interfaces (unique per operator position / function)
  • RossTalk and Native API support protocols to Ross and third-party systems


Real-Time Graphics

  • Available in HD-SDI, 12G, and SMTPE IP
  • Standard formats
  • Single Solution: Insert GFX, LED playback, Clips / Effects, Concourse branding L-Bar, Telestration, Augmented Reality & Unlimited Canvas / resolution support with Tessera
  • HDR Capable
  • Software Defined Production: upgrade from single to 4 channel systems with license
  • Ross Talk and Native API integration to Dashboard

Carbonite Mosaic

Large Screen Video Image Processor

  • Large Screen Video Image Processor (20,736,000 Pixels)
  • Up to 10 discreet canvases
  • Low Latency (1 Frame Delay)
  • 36 inputs × 22 outputs
  • 5 layers per canvas
  • Internal Media Playback
  • RossTalk protocol support

Ultrix Acuity

Devices Control

  • Unmatched Devices Control of Ross and third-parties
  • Up to 8 ME’s. Up to 9 Control Panels
  • 12gb/s SDI & SMPTE 2110
  • Integrated into Ultrix platform
  • Integrated MultiViewers, audio and More

Mira+ | Tria+

Production & Replay Servers

Tria + Production Servers

  • Lightning fast clip recalls
  • Robust hardware
  • Multiple Codec support

Mira + Replay Servers

  • Feature Rich, intuitive operation
  • Dual User configurations
  • Playback over Network on multiple Mira’s
  • 1080P Native | Super Slow mo


Sports Analysis Tool

  • Broadcast | Live | Club Versions
  • Sports Analysis tool
  • Covers over 20 Sports
  • Touch & iPad Integration
  • Wide range of Analysis Effects
  • Custom Branding and Graphics
  • Augmented Reality Engine

Professional Services

Turnkey Support

  • Project management
  • Commissioning
  • Event Support
  • Turnkey design services
    • Creative Artwork Designs (Graphic Design)
    • XPression Template Fabrication (Graphic Integration)
    • Custom DashBoard Panels (Triggering & Control)

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