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Ross DashBoard is free software that enables you to monitor, control, and program your production technologies in simple-to-use, highly customizable control interfaces.

Unleash your production team.

Ensuring consistency, reliability, and efficiency across multiple video equipment systems is an ongoing struggle.

DashBoard allows you to unify equipment control and monitoring in custom interfaces and program workflows for productions of any size — from an NFL stadium to your home cinema — for free.

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Why choose DashBoard?

Unify your ecosystem

Streamline complex workflows in custom control panels, reducing manual tasks, minimizing errors, and making your production operations more reliable and efficient.

See how Indianapolis Motor Speedway used DashBoard to double its production size without overloading their operating team here.

Fully custom controls

Empower your team to be more dynamic by integrating any equipment in the ecosystem into simple control interfaces that you can customize for any production need or scenario.

See how SoFi Stadium uses DashBoard to unify production operations and deliver a fully immersive fan experience.

Unlock potential & expand capabilities

Get more out of your production equipment with DashBoard through our extensive library of free online documentation, training resources, and active DashBoard user community.

Join our DashBoard Developers here.

Supported Protocols:

DashBoard natively supports a wide range of audio-visual communication protocols, allowing you to integrate any equipment that uses:

RossTalk | VDCP | OGPJSON | OGP Binary | HTTP(S)

TCP (ASCIl or Binary) | UDP (ASCIl or Binary) | MIDI (In)

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DashBoard Use Cases

Streamline Your Venue Productions

DashBoard is the underlying venue control system in the most technologically-advanced sports and entertainment venue on the planet: SoFi stadium in Los Angeles.

Optimize Your Mobile Production Operations

Outside broadcaster QTV disrupted their market to become a leading national sports broadcaster with DashBoard as the backbone of their operations.

Complete Broadcast Studio Monitoring & Control Systems

Rogers Sportsnet uses DashBoard to unify equipment controls at both of their new state-of-the-art broadcast studios in downtown Toronto.

Empower Small Teams to Do More

Small production teams — like the one at Eastern Florida State College — use DashBoard produce professional-grade broadcasts with just a couple of operators.

DashBoard Features

Ecosystem-wide visibility

DashBoard natively works with over 80 partners within the openGear® and DashBoard Connect™ networks. It also supports a wide range of other communication protocols, providing a single place for monitoring and controlling your production ecosystem.

Easily build custom controls

Easily create highly customized control andmonitoring interfaces for virtually anything using DashBoard’s intuitive CustomPanel builder.

Visually program workflows

DashBoard’s Visual Logic Editor allows you to build logical workflows to control all the devices in your ecosystem without writing a single line of code.

Faster communication

DashBoard enables you to connect to devices via a proxy server, accelerating communication for single-connection devices and in situations with limited IP address availability.

Full user-access control

Dashboard allows you to create secure, custom control experiences for each user, ensuring ONLY the right people can access the right equipment, making production management more secure and straightforward.

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DashBoard University

A place for online self-directed learning of DashBoard.


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