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XPression Tessera

Every Pixel Counts

Video displays have progressed from a simple on-set monitor used for moving wallpaper behind news presenters and non-mechanical scoreboards at sporting events to complex presentations of real-time rendering of graphics, videos and external data which captures the viewer’s attention.

Ross Video’s XPression Tessera is a multi-faceted solution for managing and filling video displays in any studio or venue. The XPression Tessera Distributed Workflow system utilizes a simple region-mapping tool to allow users to slice up a graphic on a large canvas and distribute it across multiple channels or engines for pixel-accurate rendering. A single Take ID can be used to trigger the animation to play out in perfect synchronization across one channel or dozens of them. From simple studios to the largest live event stages, Ross Video can help you engage with viewers. Create stunning displays of real-time animations rather than just playing pre-rendered video files. Change content in real-time, reacting as events happen.

XPression Tessera allows designers to fill displays of literally any production size using one seamless canvas. Scale from the XPression Tessera Single Engine solution to leverage the outputs within a single XPression real-time motion graphics engine. For larger scale projects, XPression Tessera, in a Distributed workflow, scales from a single channel to multiple channels across virtually unlimited numbers of XPression real-time motion graphics engines.

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