Compact AES67 & ST2110 to MADI Audio Bridge

Iggy-MADI is a compact, broadly interoperable, and flexible live audio-over-IP to MADI bridge.


Iggy-MADI is a compact, flexible ST2110 or AES 67 live audio-over-IP to/from MADI bridge. Iggy-MADI’s convenient form factor provides incredible flexibility to effortlessly deploy IP audio conversion wherever you need it – – studio, truck, on-stage, or in a fly-pack.

  • In a nutshell
    Compact and Feature-Rich Design deploys anywhere, standalone or in a rack, without compromising on channel density or features.
  • Broadly Interoperable audio-over-IP with proven AES67 & ST2110 networking, together with versatile clocking ensures stable connections every time.
  • Robust and flexible design, IGGY effortlessly adapts to your environment with flexible mounting options and robust features including redundant power supplies, , redundant Gigabit Ethernet connections and locking connectors for PoE (Neutrik) and DB25 (Tascam).
  • Open Control In addition to Ross DashBoard and a powerful WebUI, a plethora of discovery and control protocols are supported including NMOS, ANEMAN, EmBER+, RAVENNA, SAP and JSON API, to enable control and monitoring your way.
  • Network Insight Accessible via DashBoard or Web UI, IGGY offers comprehensive insight to support successful deployment and management of ST2110 and AES67 networks.

Don’t let bulky equipment and incompatible AES67 & 2110 implementations get in your way; get IGGY and get grooving!

  • MADI SFP interface in/out 
    • Coax, 850nm multimode fiber or 1310nm single-mode fiber
    • 64 or 56-channel modes supported
  • Dual Redundant Audio GigE & GigE Control interfaces:  
    • 32 audio receivers,16 audio senders
      • AES67-2018
      • ST2110-30 including conformance level: A, B, & C
      • ST2022-7 hitless protection switching, 1+1 redundancy per sender and receiver
    • Packet times: 125µs and 1ms
    • 48kHz and 44.1kHz sampling rates
      • Async Sample Rate Converter (ASRC)
    • 1-64 channels, configurable per audio stream
    • Audio encoding formats configurable per audio stream: L32, L24 and L16
    • Full multicast address range support including Source Specific Multicast (SSM)
  • Synchronization
    • Reference input & output BNC connection
  • Open control   
      • NMOS IS-04
      • ANEMAN
      • RAVENNA
      • SAP
      • NMOS IS-05
      • ANEMAN
      • EmBER+
      • JSON API
      • DashBoard
      • JSON API
      • WebUI
  • Mechanical / Environmental
    • 1RU H x 5.75” W x 6.70”
    • Optional rack tray provides secure placement of three IGGYs, bricks and cable management.
    • Optional redundant power supply.
    • Studio silent operation.
    • Operating: 0ºC to +40ºC
  • 4x isolated out +8 x TTL GPIO controlled via RossTalk and TSL.  
  • Fanless chassis for studio silent operation. 
  • Power over Ethernet and redundant DC input power. 
  • Flexible mounting options. 




Ordering Code Description
IGGY-MADI IGGY MADI to AES67 Audio bridge
1 x MADI in/out via SFP Interface (SFP sold separately)
3 x GigE RJ-45, UART to USB for debug, Ref clock in/out
GEAR-SHELF 1RU rackmount shelf for Newt and Iggy
GEAR-BRKT-EARS “Ear” brackets for Newt and Iggy
GEAR-VESA100 VESA 100mm bracket mount kit for Newt and Iggy
SFP-MADI-850MM Fiber 850nm Multimode MADI transceiver SFP
SFP-MAD-1310SM Fiber 1310nm Single-mode MADI transceiver SFP
SFP-MADI-COAX Coax (HD-BNC) MADI transceiver SFP



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