Media Networks Latin America Celebrates 20 Years of Success with Ross

Ottawa, Canada, December 16th 2021 – With its headquarters in the Peruvian capital of Lima, Media Networks South America is a producer and distributor of audiovisual content, and is also a Ross customer of two decades and counting. With a relationship that stretches back to the purchase of a Synergy production switcher in 2000, Media Networks has remained faithful to Ross and recently overhauled its capabilities with the purchase of several cutting-edge Ross solutions to improve workflow efficiency.

“We have always enjoyed working with Ross and Ross solutions have been playing an increasingly important role in our workflows,” notes Miguel Orihuela, Technical Chief at Media Networks Latin America S.A.C. “We decided to refresh and update our graphics platform and we purchased six XPression engines from Ross to increase our overall graphics horsepower and to improve on ease of use.” With Media Networks Latin America also investing in Inception Social – the social media management solution from Ross – and the latest Hyperconverged Ultrix Acuity platform, Orihuela is very clear about the future of the business. “We were one of the first Ultrix Acuity customers in Latin America, but it wasn’t a complicated decision because the business case for the solution made so much sense. The integration and the versatility we get from Ross are both extremely powerful, simplifying our workflows and saving us time, effort and money. Many brands talk about interoperability, but as we increase our Ross footprint we are really beginning to see how much easier life can be when you’re dealing with one single ecosystem and topology. There is a great benefit to this, and although other companies claim to offer it, it’s not always guaranteed and the price point is often much higher.”
With the last 20 years passing in the blink of an eye, Orihuela reflects on the changes he has seen in the world of broadcast technology. “Back in the early 2000s, products were not nearly so modular, and so if something stopped working you had to replace the whole product as opposed to just replacing a blade or a board. We’ve come a long way since then and there’s no doubt that products are more robust and easier to live with than before. One constant, however, has been the quality and responsiveness of the Ross sales team in the region – we’ve relied on their experience and expertise on many different occasions, and I think it’s important to say that they’ve always delivered.”


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