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Fan Experience

Live Events are Big Business

Today’s fans and sponsors expect more. The challenge is both art and science. Ross has deep venue experience that can get you where you want to go, providing the specialized technology as well as working with you on the creative content – the solution to engaging your fans and delighting your sponsors.

Is your venue up to the challenge?

Up your creative game
Realize a grander vision, producing for your venue in new and innovative ways that are guaranteed to captivate and inform your audience. Go beyond simple graphics, animations and statistics displays, to fully 3D environments driven by real-time data and even fan-interactive games. Tie in mechanical and electrical devices like water fountains, neon signs, and stadium lightning for full venue control. Ross gives you access to experts with the know-how to make it all happen.

Go big
Modern venues are incorporating massive screen sizes and higher-resolutions to integrate scoring, stats, social media, closed captioning, and more. The Ross venue solution meets this challenge with the ability to feed infinite canvas sizes across multiple screen formats of various sizes and custom shapes – all pixel perfect.

Dazzle fans, drive revenue
Increase engagement. Increase attendance. Increase sponsorship. Keep your fans eyes on your screens and coming back for more with a top-notch game day production, made easy with a Ross solution. Deliver unrivaled impact for your 24 sponsors with Moments of Exclusivity – branding the entire venue at the touch of a button!

Allianz Stadium Success Story

Football, Rugby sports, and various live events produced with Carbonite switcher, XPression motion graphics, DashBoard control, NK router, and openGear signal processing.

Up your game with Ross!

Unified Game Day Production

  • Realize unified production, display, and overall venue control including lighting, mechanical, fountains, and more with Ross DashBoard.
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure and 3rd party products via RossTalk protocol.

Unrivalled Real-Time Graphics including Unlimited Display Quantity and Size

  • Attain single playback and control including display, exterior signage, and concourse/suite feeds with Ross XPression.
  • Achieve full creative freedom for design and playout:
    • Update graphics in real-time with XPression’s real-time 3D render engine;
    • Access unlimited windowing capabilities;
    • Realize infinite canvas sizes with XPression Tessera – the magic behind Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s impressive “Halo Board” and Adelaide Oval’s outstanding game-day graphics and ribbon boards;
    • Integrate scoring, around the league statistics, social media, closed captioning, and more.


  • Access expert creative, commissioning, training, programming and event support from Ross.
  • Get complete graphic design, template and DashBoard creation, and onsite deployment with Ross’ Rocket Surgery team.
  • Use products optimized for stadium workflows including macro programs and DashBoard integration that promote ease of use.

Advanced Sponsorship Workflow

  • Get AS Run logging for ‘proof of play’ reports to ensure contract compliance.
  • Realize automated sponsorship rotations.

Proven & Scalable

  • Ross powers 58% of NFL venues in US, and 45% of combined US venues for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS.
  • At start of 2018, we averaged 8 Million pixels per project including one project where we provided display control for an astounding 152,862,548 pixels!
  • And it’s not just professional teams, we also have solutions for midmarket franchises including colleges and even high schools.
  • Software defined products let you change and update functionality via software license for the ultimate future-proof solution.
End-to-End Solution

Facility Control System

  • Unified Venue Control: video production, LED Display, and game day elements
  • Customizable user interfaces (unique per operator position / function)
  • RossTalk and native API support protocols to Ross and 3rd party systems
  • Learn more…

Live Event Management System

  • Collaborative tool to manage game- day rundowns
  • Built-in messaging and alerts
  • Engage fans with photos, videos and polls from social media
  • Link the publishing of social media content to game events
  • Increase and track sponsorship opportunities
  • Local and cloud hosted options

Real-time 3D Motion Graphics

  • Single Solution: insert GFX, LED display GFX, clips / effects, concourse branding L-Bar, Telestration, augmented reality & unlimited canvas / resolution support with Tessera
  • HDR capable
  • Software-Defined Production: upgrade from single to 4 channel systems with license
  • RossTalk and native API integration to DashBoard
  • Learn more…

Mira Replay Servers

  • Feature rich, intuitive operation
  • Dual user configurations
  • Playback over network on multiple Mira’s
  • 1080p native | Super slow mo
  • Learn more…

Tria Production Server

  • Lightning fast clip recalls
  • Robust hardware
  • Multiple codec support
  • Learn more…

Acuity Production Switcher

  • Unmatched devices control of Ross and 3rd parties
  • Up to 8.5 MEs. Up to 9 control panels
  • Input and output HDR conversion
  • Quadlink UHD and 12gb/s SDI
  • Raptor based IP Gateway support
  • Learn more…

Large Screen Video Image Processor

  • 20,736,000 Pixels
  • Up to 10 discreet canvases
  • Low latency (1 frame delay)
  • 36 inputs x 22 outputs
  • 5 layers per canvas
  • Internal media playback
  • RossTalk protocol support
  • Learn more…

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