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Live Events are Big Business

Global live event sponsorship spending is projected to surpass US$ 65B in 2018 with North America representing 37% of the market, followed by Europe at 27%, and APAC at 26%. Within North America, Sports is the dominant player, accounting for 70% of the total, followed by Entertainment at 10%.*

Is your venue up to the challenge?

With sports and entertainment groups around the globe scrambling to get their fair share of the $65B, is your venue up to the challenge? Digital technology that drives venue displays, audio feeds, lighting, mechanical systems, external signage, suite feeds, and more is increasingly critical to deliver the ultimate fan or game day experience. And, fan engagement translates directly to sponsor spend.

While keeping fans engaged is the obvious objective, many venues are struggling with separate workflows and platforms including Graphics, Clip Players, Score Bug, Tickers, Branding Telestration, Talent Touch, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Sets.

* ESP Sponsorship Report, 2018

Allianz Stadium Success Story

Football, Rugby sports, and various live events produced with Carbonite switcher, XPression motion graphics, DashBoard control, NK router, and openGear signal processing.

Up your game with Ross!

Unified Game Day Production

  • Realize unified production, display, and overall venue control including lighting, mechanical, fountains, and more with Ross DashBoard.
  • Integrate with existing infrastructure and 3rd party products via RossTalk protocol.

Unrivalled Real-Time Graphics including Unlimited Display Quantity and Size

  • Attain single playback and control including display, exterior signage, and concourse/suite feeds with Ross XPression.
  • Achieve full creative freedom for design and playout:
    • Update graphics in real-time with XPression’s real-time 3D render engine;
    • Access unlimited windowing capabilities;
    • Realize infinite canvas sizes with XPression Tessera – the magic behind Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s impressive “Halo Board” and Adelaide Oval’s outstanding game-day graphics and ribbon boards;
    • Integrate scoring, around the league statistics, social media, closed captioning, and more.


  • Access expert creative, commissioning, training, programming and event support from Ross.
  • Get complete graphic design, template and DashBoard creation, and onsite deployment with Ross’ Rocket Surgery team.
  • Use products optimized for stadium workflows including macro programs and DashBoard integration that promote ease of use.

Advanced Sponsorship Workflow

  • Get AS Run logging for ‘proof of play’ reports to ensure contract compliance.
  • Realize automated sponsorship rotations.

Proven & Scalable

  • Ross powers 58% of NFL venues in US, and 45% of combined US venues for MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLS.
  • At start of 2018, we averaged 8 Million pixels per project including one project where we provided display control for an astounding 152,862,548 pixels!
  • And it’s not just professional teams, we also have solutions for midmarket franchises including colleges and even high schools.
  • Software defined products let you change and update functionality via software license for the ultimate future-proof solution.

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