Video Servers




Our video server products are designed to help you tackle any challenge in a wide range of live productions, including broadcast, corporate events, live sports, and worship.

Built on rock-solid architecture with dedicated real time audio+video processing technology, our line of reliable video server products is trusted in productionpresentation, and replay applications by the biggest names in live television.

Video Servers Announcement

Catch-up on the latest news from our Video Server product team as Michael Kljucaric, Associate Product Manager, shares some significant updates to our range or Production, Presentation & Replay solutions.  

Video Servers • Production


Tria production video servers seamlessly integrate into any live production workflow such as live source capture, media file ingest with transcoding, animated switcher transition playback, looping clip playback into on-set monitors, timecode chase with synchronized playlist playout, and even time delay operations.

Our top-of-the line Tria+ and Tria+ UHD products are ideal for the most demanding live production environments, while Tria Express Duet provides an economical and compact video server solution perfectly suited to any small to mid-sized production.


Tria+ is the ultimate production server, providing flexible, feature-rich, multi-channel record and play capability on up to 12 bi-directional video channels. Tria+ is the ideal video server for delivering compelling live programming.

Tria+ UHD

When 4K UHD 2160p recording and playout is needed in a 12G environment, Tria+ UHD rises to the challenge. It features all the functionality of Tria+ but with two 12G bi-directional UHD video channels.

Tria Express Duet

Tria Express Duet is our feature-rich compact production video server that provides uncompromising quality and reliability— all at a surprisingly affordable price.

Video Servers • Presentation


Our Kiva+ Presentation server is a highly intuitive, user-driven digital media playout solution built for the high-stakes demands of the live sports and entertainment productions. Kiva is sure to elevate any live production to the next level.


With Kiva, all your live productions are instantly simplified. Incoming media is quickly ingested, efficiently organized, and easily presented during live sports shows, concerts, and events.

Video Servers • Replay Systems


Our Mira replay systems meet the critical requirements of reliability, instant responsiveness, superior image quality, and interoperability within live production workflows. Mira+ is our top-of-the-line system, while Mira Express delivers incredible economic value to small and mid-tiered productions.


Mira+ is our powerful, easy-to-operate multi-channel replay system that can handle all your live events and sports broadcast replay needs.

Mira Express

Mira Express features a control surface and replay user experience identical to the Mira+ and provides superior value at an economical price, with a four-camera / two-playout replay workflow.