Video Servers


Premium and Compact Video Production Servers

Upgrade your production standards

Our line of Tria Production Video Servers provide the foundation for delivering high-quality programming in the most demanding live broadcasts and webcasts.

As a highly flexible multi-channel production video server, Tria seamlessly ingests, records, stores, and plays engaging content that will elevate the quality of your live productions for news, sports, corporate communications and more.

Production Flexibility

Match your production needs with your choice of channel count. Start with two, four, eight or twelve video channels on a single machine or unlock even more creative freedom with up to 96 channels across multiple networked Tria video servers. 

Effortless Workflows

Every Tria contains a variety of built-in tools that enable an incredible range of production workflows. No matter how complex your productions may be, Tria is flexible enough to rise to the challenge.

Productions as Planned

Ensure rock-solid stability of your live productions and say goodbye to video playout stutters, audio dropouts, unexpected hang-ups, and frozen user interfaces with Tria’s hardware-based real-time media processing engines.


Tria+ is the ultimate production server, providing flexible, feature-rich, multi-channel record and play capability on up to 12 bi-directional video channels.


When 4K UHD 2160p recording and playout is needed in a 12G environment, Tria+ UHD rises to the challenge. It features all the functionality of Tria+ but with two 12G bi-directional UHD video channels.


Tria Express Duet is our feature-rich compact production video server that provides uncompromising quality and reliability — all at a surprisingly affordable price.

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