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Tria Production Servers

Premium and Compact Production Servers

Today’s live production environments demand cost-effective playback of video, key and audio content. Tria is the ultimate production server that provides the flexible, feature-rich, multi-channel capability that you need to deliver compelling live programming.

Channel Flexibility

Our production servers were built to be flexible enough to adapt and scale to any production requirements, and can quickly be reconfigured to accommodate the necessary number of playback, record, and ISO channels.

Single Clip Workflow

Video+key+audio” (VKA) architecture unifies these three media elements into a single clip. This dramatically simplifies clip management, import/export, and live playout control.

Simple File Management

Integrated media file import and export tools dramatically streamline file-based workflows. Files are automatically matched to production format on import and the export process features a variety of user-defined parameters.

Video Servers Overview

Ross Video Servers are purpose-built to deliver high-quality, reliable, and flexible live production solutions. They are designed to meet the demanding requirements of live production workflows, including production, presentation, and replay.


Tria+ is the ultimate production server, providing flexible, feature-rich, multi-channel record and play capability on up to 12 bi-directional video channels. Tria+ is the ideal video server for delivering compelling live programming.


When 4K UHD 2160p recording and playout is needed in a 12G environment, Tria+ UHD rises to the challenge. It features all the functionality of Tria+ but with two 12G bi-directional UHD video channels.


Tria Express Duet is our feature-rich compact production video server that provides uncompromising quality and reliability— all at a surprisingly affordable price.

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