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Premium and Compact Presentation Video Servers

Reliable User-Driven Live Presentation

Kiva Presentation Video Servers from Ross deliver an impressive, professional digital media playout solution for live sports, studios, events & concert productions.

With its highly intuitive click-to-play and drag-&-dropshotbox-style” user interface, Kiva simplifies media playout during any live production as operators can efficiently ingest, quickly organize, and confidently present a variety of media during live shows.

Intuitive Operations

The User-Driven and highly visual nature of the Kiva Presenter user interface ensures operators can efficiently perform pre-production tasks and then confidently present media during live productions. Most professional playout operators will feel instantly comfortable with the ‘shotbox style’ Kiva Presenter user interface, making it easy to find qualified operational staff. Both the PVW and PGM Players can also be controlled independently from a remote-control device, such as a video switcher.

Ultimate On-Air Flexibility

Kiva lets operators ‘play & recue’ any visual media in PVW before taking to PGM, ensuring the correct clip is always presented. Upcoming items in playlists being presented can be quickly and easily rearranged on the fly. Unwanted playlist items can be skipped or removed, or new items added—all without interrupting the item currently being presented in PGM. Media items can be intuitively presented with either “point-&-click” and/or “drag-&-drop” operations.

Rock-Solid, Robust & Stable

Kiva is built with hardware-based, real-time media processing engines, ensuring your live productions will never suffer from video playout stutters, audio dropouts, user interface freezes, or unexpected hang-ups. Even quitting the Kiva Presenter user interface won’t interrupt any active recordings or live media playout; simply launch the Kiva Presenter app again, and all live media operations continue—as if nothing ever happened! Can your current live presentation solution do that!?

Kiva Presenter Overview Video

As an operator-driven digital media playout solution, Kiva enables you to present content during live event productions with a simple click of a mouse.

Kiva+ is our powerful, easy-to-operate multi-channel presentation video server designed to meet the needs of the most demanding live events.

Kiva Express Duet  is our compact presentation video server that delivers uncompromising quality and reliability featuring an identical User experience as our premium Kiva+ video server — but at an incredibly affordable price.

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