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Routing Platform

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NK Series Routing Systems

The NK Series routing family is a cost effective, high performance routing platform for Studios, OB Vans, and Flypacks. NK Series is compact, robust, and simple to use.  With a variety of frame sizes and format choices NK routers excel in providing high quality routing in a cost-effective manner.

Budget Friendly

Comprehensive range of sizes and formats to meet any budget.

Control Friendly

NK Series are based on Dashboard control and configuration to seamlessly fit within the Ross Ecosystem, as well as be a part of an Ultrix routing system.


Some NK Series frames have the ability to expand with additional I/O modules.

Living Live Community!

The platform offers a place for live production professionals to come together to share their experiences, solve problems, find answers to questions and discuss best practices.


This product can be used as part of the following
Smart Production Solutions:

Sports & Live Venue




House of Worship




Comprehensive Format Support

From analog audio to 3G SDI, NK Series supports a wide range of signal types.

Size Flexibility

With matrix sizes from 16×4 up to 144×144, NK Series can scale appropriately for the workflow that is required.

Industry Standard Control Protocols

Industry standard routing control means easy integration into automation systems as well as 3rd party router control systems.


Utility Routing
Utility routers include the 16×4, 16×16, 32×32 and 34×34 sizes and are available in a wide range of signal types including 3G / HD / SD SDI, Analog Video, AES / EBU Digital Audio, Stereo Analog Audio and Machine Control (RS-422).

Mid-Size Routing
Mid-sized routers, 64×64 and 72×72 are modular and expandable in groups of 8 inputs and 8 outputs. They include 3G / HD / SD SDI, AES / EBU Digital Audio and Stereo Analog Audio signal types.



NK Series User Guide Download
NK-3G144 User Guide Download
NK-3RD User Guide Download
NK-Hub User Guide Download
NK-IPS User Guide Download
NK-JBX User Guide Download
NK-NET User Guide Download
NK-RP1 User Guide Download
NK-VRC User Guide Download
RCP-ME User Guide Download
RCP-NKM User Guide Download
RCP-NKQ User Guide Download
RCP-QE User Guide Download
RCP-QE18 / RCP-QE36 User Guide Download

Application Notes

Application Notes
Function Key Program Mode Download
NK-3G72 Low Output Card Replacement App Note Download
Walkabout App Note Download
Ross Routing Switcher Firmware Download


NK Series Button Label Template Download


DashBoard Control & Monitoring System Download
Walkabout Device Configuration Tool Download

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