NK-IPS | Network Bridge


Network Bridge

The NK-IPS Network Bridge is the external gateway to all NK Series devices for configuration, firmware upgrades, monitoring and remote control.

The NK-IPS provides an Ethernet port that connects to a LAN or directly to a computer. This port is used to communicate to a web browser or DashBoard Control System to configure and control the NK Series Routing System.

NK-IPS is also equipped with a buffered 8-port T-Bus hub. T-Bus is the RS-485 based communications system the NK Series uses to communicate between devices such as control panels and frames. Each T-Bus port can support multiple devices in a daisy chain configuration.

Alarm status and monitoring is displayed on the NK-IPS Online Devices webpage enabling users to locate errors and troubleshoot problems.



  • Network configuration and monitoring of NK Series devices via DashBoard Control System
  • Compact size: 1RU, depth 2.4cm
  • Password protection to prevent unauthorized changes
  • Front panel status and communications indicators
  • 8 port hub for T-Bus compliant devices
  • 10 Mbps Ethernet port
  • Supports static or DHCP assigned IP addressing
  • Universal power supply included
  • Optional redundant power
  • 1-year transferable warranty

NK-IPS Network IP Configuration Device

NK-IPS External Redundant Power
 Spare or Redundant, 50W, +15V External Power Supply
Cable for two NK-P1 External Power Supplies

NK-IPS Rack Mount Redundant Power
NK-RP1/P Rack Mount, 1RU, 100W, +15V Redundant Power Supply
NK-D12/P NK-RP1/P Power Supply Cable for NK-IPS


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