NK-M | Series Machine Control / Data Router

NK-M Series

Machine Control / Data Router Series

Inputs NK-M16 NK-M32
Connection: DB-9 female
connector / chassis
DB-9 female
connector / chassis
Total # of Inputs: 16 32
Electrical Standard: RS-422 RS-422
Performance NK-M16 NK-M32
Data Rate: up to 115.2kBd up to 115.2kBd
General NK-M16 NK-M32
Configuration: web browser via NK-IPS
DashBoard Control System via NK-IPS
Dimensions: 1RU, depth 6.4cm 2RU, depth 6.4cm
Power Consumption: 9W 15W
Power Supply: +15 V DC +15 V DC
  • Compact size
  • Supports RS-422
  • True reciprocal switching
  • Allows one master to multiple slaves
  • Auto port direction switching
  • 16 port and 32 port fixed sizes
  • Excellent performance and specifications
  • Low power consumption
  • Integrated NK Series Control
  • Universal power supply included
  • Optional redundant power
  • 1-year transferable warranty

Machine Control / Data Routers
NK-M16 16 Port RS-422 Machine Control Router
NK-M32 32 Port RS-422 Machine Control Router

Rack Mount Redundant Power
NK-RP1/P Rack Mount, 1RU, 100W, +15V Redundant Power Supply
NK-D12/PN NK-RP1/P Power Supply Cable for NK-M16 & NK-M32

External Redundant Power
NK-P1 Spare or Redundant, 50W, +15V External Power Supply
NK-DRY Y Cable for Two NK-P1 External Power Supplies


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