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Remote Control Panel

The RCP-ME is the Ethernet version of the RCP-NKM, the most popular NK Series control panel and finds a home in a wide range of applications due to its familiarity, flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

The RCP-ME has all of the same button programmability as the RCP-NK1 (source, destination, breakaway, level select, macro, protect, take and panel lock), and adds a backlit 16×2 LCD display for display of source and destination names, system warnings and errors.

The new RCP-ME is an Ethernet based panel, which means improved ease of configuration, and more flexible control architectures. When combined with the NK-NET, the NK-ME panel offers users the most redundant communications set up for small systems in the industry.

Additionally, the RCP-ME adds the ability to create menus, which enables the grouping of sources and destinations based on physical requirements (studios, edit suites, QC racks) or categories (servers, cameras, monitors). Menu navigation buttons programmed onto the RCP-ME also enable quick access between menus.

The variable backlight allows labels to be read in low light control room conditions, making this panel ideal for a wide range of environments.

  • 40 fully illuminated LED backlit buttons
  • Backlit 16×2 LCD display
  • Ethernet connectivity
  • Ability to connect to primary and backup IP addresses for control redundancy
  • Slim design: 1RU, depth 4.4cm
  • Full function, programmable control panel
  • Configurable as cut-bus, multi-cutbus or menu driven source / destination switching control panel
  • Control up to 32 levels
  • Removable keycaps for labeling of button functions using transparent inserts
  • Universal power supply included
  • 1-year transferable warranty

RCP-ME Ethernet based Ross Routing 40 Button and LCD Display Control Panel
Shelf Spare Power Supply for the RCP-ME


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