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IGGY - Broadly Interoperable AES67 & ST2110 to MADI Audio Converter with Tally/GPIO

Iggy, our family of live audio-over-IP converters, offers the most broadly interoperable, flexible and robust AES67 & ST2110 to MADI audio converter on the market today. For example with support of 1..80 channels per stream, and various sample rates and packet times, IGGY has the flexibility to adapt to your environment with ease. Iggy also natively bridges multiple audio networking solutions such as NMOS, RAVENNA, Ember+,  SAP, JSON and DashBoard. Don’t let incomplete and incompatible AES67 & ST2110 implementations get in your way; get Iggy and get grooving!

Broadly Interoperable Audio-Over-IP

A mature and complete set of AES67 & ST2110 options, together with flexible clocking features, ensure a solid connection to a device of your choosing.  JT-NM tested for ensured interoperability.

Broadcast Grade Robustness

Redundant power, hitless redundant audio-over IP interfaces and locking connectors.

Networked Audio Without Barriers

Natively bridge multiple audio networking solutions together, such as SAP, RAVENNA, NMOS, Livewire+*, JSON and DashBoard.

Easily Goes Anywhere

Flexible mounting options, powered over Ethernet and silent for use in-studio.

Open Control

Enjoy freedom of choice, including seamless integration into Ross control ecosystem and 3rd-party systems (e.g. VSM). Through RossTalk and TSL, IGGY provides flexible Tally and GPI connectivity.

Backed by Famous Ross Support

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Compact IP Gear that adapts to your environment.


Rich & Flexible I/O

  • Bi-directional MADI SFP port capable of supporting 64 channels in/out – Support of passive direct attach copper cable (passive DAC / twinax) to lower overall system cost
  • Dual Redundant Gigabit Ethernet audio interfaces, and optional GE control interface
  • 4x isolated Tally out +8 x TTL GPIO controlled via RossTalk and TSL

AES67 & ST2110

  • 32 audio receivers,16 audio senders
    • ST2022-7 hitless 1+1 redundancy per sender and receiver
    • Packet times: 125μs, 250μs, and 1ms
    • Samples per packet: 6, 12 and 48
    • Sample rates: 48kHz & 44.1kHz with ASRC
    • 1-80 channels, configurable per audio stream
    • Audio formats: L24, L16 & AM824, configurable per audio stream
    • WAN-capable buffering: up to 30ms per receiver stream
  • ST 2110-31 AES3 Transparent Transport
  • ST 2110-30, including conformance levels: A, B, & C

Flexible & Robust Enclosure

  • RU H x 5.75” W x 6.70”
  • Operating: 0ºC to +40ºC
  • Fanless chassis for studio silent operation
  • Power over Ethernet and redundant DC input power
  • Locking connectors, including Neutrik Ethernet RJ45
  • Flexible mounting options (mounting ears & optional rack tray)

Open Control

  • Discovery and registration
    • RAVENNA, NMOS IS-04, SAP, and Livewire+*
  • Connection Control
    • EmBER+, JSON API, and NMOS IS-05
  • Configuration
    • JSON API, and WebUI
  • GPI & Tally
    • TSL*, and RossTalk*

Unmatched Performance & Reliability

  • WAN-capable buffering, which are critical in heavily-loaded networks
  • Powerful embedded dual-core ARM Cortex A9 1.5GHz processor for responsive control and telemetry
  • Robust & durable enclosure
  • Dual Redundant Gigabit Ethernet audio interfaces, and optional GE control interface
  • Locking connectors, including Neutrik Ethernet RJ45


Silent for use in-studio, as Iggy is passively cool. The only screaming fans are in the audience!

* Note that Livewire+, Rosstalk and TSL protocols will note be fully supported on first software release.  Please contact us for more details.

Flow Diagram

Iggy U

A place for online self-directed learning of the Ross Iggy.


Cut Sheets

Cut Sheets
IGGY Cut SheetDownload


IGGY-MADI User Guide
IGGY-MADI Quick Start Guide

Application Notes

Application Notes
How to Connect IGGY to a Yamaha Console


Software Upgrades
Iggy Software UpdatesDownload

Ordering Information

IGGY-MADIIGGY MADI to AES67 Audio converter
64 channels in / out of MADI via SFP interface
Provides DB25 for GPIO, 3x GigE RJ45, UART to USB for debug, Ref clock in/out
GEAR-SHELF1RU rackmount shelf for Newt and Iggy
GEAR-BRKT-EARS“Ear” brackets for Newt and Iggy
GEAR-VESA100VESA 100mm bracket mount kit for Newt and Iggy
SFP-MADI-COAXCoax MADI transceiver SFP
SFP-MADI-1300MMFiber 1300nm Multi Mode MADI transceiver SFP
SFP-MADI-1310SMFiber 1310nm Single Mode MADI transceiver SFP
SFP-MADI-850MMFiber 850mm Multi Mode MADI transceiver SFP

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