Extended Warranties

Extended Warranties

Fixed Annual Fee
One fixed annual fee, regardless of the issues you face. Well repair or replace any manufacturer’s defect at no additional charge. Commit to a multi-year agreement and receive further discounts on your program subscription. Budgeting to ensure your technology keeps running like new has never been easier.

Limited Downtime
To get your equipment back online as quickly as possible, we’ve strategically located critical parts depots around the Globe, ensuring you get replacements as quickly as possible. As a RossCare+ member, your replacement parts will be shipped from the depot closest to you, minimizing transit time. Further, all RossCare+ Extended Warranty customers are entitled to Advanced Board Exchange. Send us your defective module, and we’ll ship you a replacement before we receive the original.

Developer Level Support
Your productions are unique, and so is your workflow. Sometimes problems arise that even our world class technical support team hasn’t encountered. As a RossCare+ customer, your problem can be escalated directly to a member of our Development team. Deal with the people who actually designed your system.

Thinking of selling your equipment? The remainder of your RossCare+ Extended Warranty is fully transferable to the new owner.

Group Discounts
Discounted annual fees for multi-system purchases.

Group Harmonization
Adding equipment to your broadcast group? Reduce your warranty administration costs by harmonizing all your warranty periods on the same schedule. For no additional fee, the first annual term of each new piece of equipment can be extended to match your current coverage periods.

Discounted Professional Services
Ross Field Services technical experts understand Broadcast technology, and are ready to help you get the most out of your equipment.

Technology is constantly evolving and you want to keep up. The RossCare+ program offers software maintenanceto keep your software current and up to date with the latest features, improvements and interfaces. Our products are designed to integrate well with others in a system and as these 3rd party solutions move forward our software must adapt to their changes. With RossCare+ software maintenance, you won’t have to worry about your system being left behind.

For more information concerning extended warranties, please contact us at rosscare@rossvideo.com.

*Fees associated with onsite professional services discounted for RossCare+ customers. Travel expenses may apply.
**Credits redeemable for tuition fees for training at Ross Global Facility.