Staging and Touring Solutions

At a Glance

Ross Live Event and Staging Solutions bring concerts to life while providing an unforgettable experience for the audience.


Live in the Music

Bring your concerts to life while providing an unforgettable experience for concertgoers.

Ross technology has served up big solutions for the most prominent artists in the world. From camera motion systems to production control technology, the largest touring acts on the planet trust our technology so they can focus on what matters most – their music and fans.

Capture the Concert

Our robotic solutions capture stunning performances to enthrall your audiences. With robotic camera systems like Furio, SkyDolly, and our cable-mounted Spidercam, you are guaranteed to capture the best angles. Combine our camera solutions with the SmartShell camera control interface, and you now give operators the ability to execute camera shots with the touch of a button.

Production Control

Our technology is tightly integrated using our proprietary RossTalk control protocol, paving the way for seamless connectivity and control of your suite of Ross devices, including:

  • Carbonite Production Switchers
  • Ultrix Routers
  • Mosaic Video Scaler
  • Furio, SkyDolly, and Spidercam robotic camera systems
  • Kiva Playback Servers

End to End Solution

Product Line-up

Ross Robotics

Robotic Camera Systems

  • Track & Dolly Solutions
  • Pan/Tilt Heads
  • Up to 125lb Payloads
  • Keyframed & Looping moves
  • Smooth & Repeatable Moves
  • Optional Road Cases for Furio Dolly System


Real-Time 3D Graphics & Rendering

  • Advanced Data Integration
  • Real-time Data Visualizations
  • Clips Option
  • Rapid Fire GFX Playout
  • XPression Tessera Large Canvas Rendering
  • XPression Go Portable Solutions

Tria Express Duet

2/4 Channel Production Server

  • Input File Software Transcoding
  • Time Slip
  • Fill/Key Playout
  • VDCP / AMP Control
  • Hardware Based


Switching & Infrastructure

  • 16-288 Squared Matrix Sizes
  • High Density Footprints
  • Software Defined Options
  • Multiviewers | Frame Syncs | Audio Mixer
  • SFP Modules for Fiber / HDMI / SDI / MADI
  • Full Non-blocking Audio Shuffling
  • Hyperconverged with Ross Production Switchers

Ultrix Carbonite

Switching & Infrastructure

  • HD/UHD Format Support
  • Up to 22 Inputs / 22 Outputs
  • Integrated Multiviewer
  • 23.98/24/25/29.97/30/50/59.94/60 hz
  • Up to 2 MEs + 4 MiniMEs
  • Integrated Canvas Mode (Uses MiniMEs)
  • Uses SDPE Blade inside of Ultrix Matrix
  • Multiple SDPE Blades in Ultrix
  • Live EDL


Control & Monitoring

  • Free Mac / PC / Linux Downloads
  • 2RU & 4RU Optional Appliances for Robust Usage
  • Custom Panel Building
  • Ability to Integrate 3rd Party Protocols

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