Who We Are

Ross products have been the backbone of the most anticipated and viewed productions on the planet. With over 40 years of focused experience in live production – Ross has driven the technology that has captivated and electrified audiences around the globe since 1974. Our solutions have impressed the audiences and marketing partners of NBC Sunday Night Football, Eurosport, BBC World, Google YouTube Space London and China’s eSports powerhouse VSPN.

Why Ross?

Benefits & Perks

Ross offers generous and comprehensive health plans as well as several perks to help you perform at your best. Here are just some of the team benefits and perks:

Student Opportunities

At Ross Video, we know how important it is that you grow both professionally and as a person to be the best you can be.  We are committed to that growth and will provide the environment and expertise to see that happen.

At Ross Video, you will be exposed to cutting edge technology.  Innovation is key to what we do, and you will have the opportunity to learn new skills and put the ones you have to practical use.  Your work will have an impact on new and existing products.

Under the guidance of an experienced mentor, it’s our goal to see you take chances, grow, learn new skills and help set the path to a successful career.

Ross Video currently has existing relationships with Carleton University, University of Ottawa and University of Waterloo.  We work with the co-op offices and are exploring potential partnerships with the school faculties themselves.  If you would like to explore opportunities with Ross Video, enquire with your co-op office, or contact us directly at