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Douglas Johnson
Marketing Product Manager

Executive Summary

Seamless integration of “Video+Key+Audio” clip playback is accomplished with a cost-effective, multi-channel clip server featuring comprehensive switcher/vision mixer integration.

Deliver More Creativity

  • Enhance live production environments with a stand-alone video clip server that integrates well with production switchers/vision mixers
  • Includes just the right feature set to support a wide range of live production applications
  • Provides different channel count configurations to match various production requirements

File it Fast

  • Supports efficient Integrated Media File Workflows
  • Streamlines workflows with built-in Media File Import / Export tools
  • Handles Video+Key clips as a single clip asset, rather than two assets

Connect Together

  • Features HD-SDI / SD-SDI video input for base-band video ingest
  • Provides “Video+Key” channel pairs for feeding keyer inputs of video switchers/vision mixers
  • Integrates RS-422 serial and Ethernet control from production switchers/vision mixers
  • Delivers predictable and precise video clip recall for live productions