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BlackStorm Playout Server Overview

This product is no longer available for purchase.

As of February 2017 Ross BlackStorm playout servers have gone end of production and there is no further production of these systems. Blackstorm is now replaced by the Abekas Tria series of clip servers. BlackStorm will continue to receive full service support until February 2025 per the standard Ross Video 7 year service support policy.

The Abekas Tria series is designed using newer technologies, provides a more flexible architecture, and offers substantial feature and operational advantages over BlackStorm.

For BlackStorm support, please contact us at:

Getting the right clip on air at the right time is key to any live production. This is where the BlackStorm Playout Server excels as an easy-to-use Production Clip Player with a comprehensive production workflow.

It starts in editing with an elegant networked file-based workflow, supporting popular editing systems like Apple’s Final Cut, Adobe’s Creative Suite and Avid’s Media Composer. The workflow continues with standard protocols like VDCP and AMP allowing point-of-control integration with virtually any production switcher or remote control panel on the market. Finally, a sophisticated client / server interface gives easy and distributed operator control including production playlists with built-in transitions.

BlackStorm delivers in live production. From a technology standpoint, it is a unique software-based server platform using standard off-the-shelf hardware and offers a long-range growth path for future technology.

BlackStorm – Concentrated Server Power.