We’re taking the same technology that drives the most demanding live productions on the planet and putting it in the cloud. By retaining the same interfaces and familiar control surfaces, we enable you to apply your existing skills to the more flexible and efficient technology options offered by the cloud, unlocking broadcast-caliber services for corporate events, keynotes and conferences.

Ross Production Cloud is an end-to-end, cloud-based, live production solution that allows you to produce content with the same powerful newsroom and asset management you rely on in your existing productions. Built using innovative ground-to-cloud technology, our production cloud lets your teams collaborate seamlessly from anywhere. The solution includes a powerful virtual production switcher, graphics engine and audio mixer, all managed using the world’s leading automated production control system — delivering broadcast-quality video with the rock-solid reliability Ross has long been known for. Supporting high-quality and low-latency ground-to-cloud video sources, real-time video, graphics, playout capabilities, and broadcast-quality audio mixing, broadcast is built into our DNA.

Our flexible licensing and subscription-based options offer you the freedom to experiment with very little investment up front, making it easy to provision and deploy an entire studio and control room workflow or simply to add new capabilities. You can try out new shows, experiment with new formats, and expand your production capabilities for large events.

Flexibility is at the core of Ross Production Cloud. You can choose to move your entire workload to the cloud or distribute it across on-premises virtualized servers and purpose-built hyperconverged hardware — or you can build your base capabilities on-premises and expand into the cloud as needed.

Ross Production Cloud allows you to create and produce content from anywhere with an internet connection. Your studio, control room, and newsroom can be accessed from anyplace on earth, ingesting remote sources and running the show on-location or from home. The result is a cloud offering that can make big organizations more agile and smaller ones more powerful.

We offer encrypted connections, user authentication and role-based access control to protect your content and your production. We even wrap legacy broadcast protocols in new authentication and encryption to address even the most heightened security needs.

Introduction to Ross Production Cloud

Shawn Snider, VP Production Workflow & Cloud, takes you through how Ross is transforming how teams collaborate and produce content in the cloud with our new end-to-end Ross Production Cloud solution.

Dynamic & Persistent Groups

Ross Production Cloud is typically deployed in two major groups:

  • Persistent group: A set of “always-on” services that should always be available, such as newsroom, media asset management, content gateways, and licensing. These are low operational cost instances that power the tools your team uses in pre-production and post-production workflows.
  • Dynamic group: Includes services such as control room video workflows, graphics, switching, and ground-to-cloud live sources. These are the larger and more expensive instances that you want to start and stop on demand, as they are needed by a production. They can be deployed on a regular schedule or through manual triggers, resulting in significant operational cost savings.

To support rapid change over between shows, any Ross Production Cloud service can be stopped and started with full recovery to its last known state. As part of the setup process, you can decide which components you want available 24/7 and designate others that you’d prefer as part of a control room or studio group with more flexible operation.

Securely Bring On-Premises Device Control and Local Storage to the Cloud

Ross has developed two innovative technologies that work together to fully integrate on-premises devices with the cloud, providing full control while maintaining an extremely high-security environment.

The Ross Cloud Gateway enables secure connectivity of legacy devices from on-premises to the cloud via the media object server (MOS) protocol., .  The gateway enables local filesystem access for media asset management so that content can be managed remotely and quickly shared into the cloud. Our world-leading OverDrive Automated Production Control system has been optimized for cloud and manages real-time device control of on-premises devices like robotic cameras, routers, and tactile surfaces and provides a bridge to hybrid deployments of cloud and on-premises equipment like production switchers, playout servers, and graphics.

Hybrid Workflows & Deployment Options

Ross Production Cloud currently supports and is optimized for Amazon Web Services (AWS). Some services offer detailed integration with AWS services and capabilities such as Amazon S3, Elastic Load Balancing (ELB), Relational Database Service (RDS), and Amazon OpenSearch. In addition, AWS security groups and Identity and Access Management (IAM) roles for service-based authentication are natively supported by select services.

The solution can also be deployed in a virtualized environment on-premises, in a hybrid mix of on-premises and cloud, or even in purpose-built on-premises hyperconverged hardware.

Deployed In Your Environment

Ross Production Cloud is entirely deployed in your own cloud account or data center.  This allows you to retain full control over the environment, align with your corporate IT policies, cloud, and security requirements, and better manage cloud expenses. It also enables you to take advantage of services like VPN and AWS Direct Connect more effectively.

(Select services that make up Ross Production Cloud are also offered in a fully managed configuration, like and

Ground to Cloud

Our softGear Streaming Gateway technology enables broadcast-quality video transport from on-premises devices to the cloud and vice versa. It supports SDI and NDI video sources and encapsulates them into high-quality compressed SRT transport streams quickly and efficiently with extremely low latency.

The solution allows you to easily transport broadcast-quality live video into AWS from cameras, remotes, and other live sources, and pull live video feeds from the cloud back into the control room for multiviewer feeds and other applications.

It’s designed to work alongside your IT infrastructure and allows bi-directional communication originating from inside of your network, so no inbound firewall ports need to be opened to the outside world.


Workflow Tools Included in Ross Production Cloud

Media I/O
Ross Platform Manager
Other Components

Graphite – Production Switcher, Audio Mixer, and Multiviewer

Graphite Cloud Production Center delivers an intuitive integrated toolset for live production by bringing together a Production Switcher, industry-leading real-time graphics, clip players, and a comprehensive Audio Mixer. It delivers a familiar set of user interfaces based on the popular Carbonite series, including virtual soft panel interfaces. You can even connect TouchDrive physical surfaces from anywhere.

  • 18-Input, 4-output Carbonite Production Switcher
  • 3 x 6-Key ME
  • 1 x 16-Window Multiviewer with Full ViewControl Support
  • 1 x Channel XPression Prime Graphics
  • 1 x Channel XPression Clips (including preview channel, transitions, and alpha channel)
  • 18 x Stereo Channel Audio Mixer
  • 6 x Audio Aux Mixers
  • Audio Sources selectable from Network and Local Windows Audio Devices
  • Audio Embedders on outputs and independent Windows Audio Devices
  • DashBoard and TouchDrive control surfaces supported

XPression – Real-Time Graphics

XPression is the fastest-growing real-time motion graphics system in the industry and powers some of the world’s biggest and most demanding productions.

  • Provides the shortest learning curve in the industry.
  • Allows content owners to easily deploy new graphic packages and therefore enhance content monetization.
  • Enables creative personnel to easily switch to a new and powerful tool while augmenting their creative throughput.
  • Allows for last-minute changes in your production without any hassle for operators and technical directors.
  • Augments production quality even in very dynamic production environments.
  • Ease of use: clean UI, logical menus and controls based on other common creation tools.
  • 2D / 3D text: font engine supports text input in any language, any orientation.
  • 3D models: build graphics from XPression 3D primitives or import your models from popular 3D design tools (Cinema 4D, Maya, 3DS Max).
  • Real-time, all the time: no lag between operator’s entry and system operation.
  • Flexible and scalable: any format (SD, HD, UHD, HDR), upgradeable channel capacity.
  • Animations: powerful and flexible control of animations with object keyframes and scene director timeline.
  • Clips: mix and match real-time and rendered animations with clips rendered using XPression video codec.
  • Visual Logic enables complex business logic to be built without the need for scripting.
  • Data integration: easy data binding with DatalinqTM, a powerful yet easy-to-use data management tool.
  • Full control: flexible control with the ability to replace elements while playing out to air.

Media I/O – Ingest & Playout

Media I/O accelerates and scales live signal-based capture and playout workflows as an award-winning broadcast-proven solution.

  • Delivers instant access to live ingesting content and allows for edit-while-ingest to accelerate the production process for logging, editing, and playout workflows.
  • Supports software-based transcoding, allowing customers to convert and distribute broadcast-quality outputs to multiple distribution endpoints in the cloud.
  • Capture baseband and network sources such as SDI, NDI, SRT, HLS, MPEG Dash, and RTSP streams into broadcast-quality file formats.
  • Industry-leading live capture and playout of a huge number of codecs and formats, including ProRes, AVC-Intra, XDCAM DVCPRO HD, IMX, XAVC, HEVC, and DNxHD/HR.

softGear Streaming Gateway – Ground-to-Cloud for Video

Our powerful softGear Streaming Gateway technology quickly and reliably transports broadcast-quality video from the ground to the cloud, and vice versa, at low latency and with the highest quality while still managing high efficiency and reducing costs.

  • A secure and robust bridge from on-premises video and cloud, managing all your incoming and outgoing sources seamlessly.
  • Integrated frame synchronization eliminates the issues with remote asynchronous streams.
  • A wide range of supported video standards, codecs, and transports.
  • Supports NDI and SDI with an optional on-premises 1RU hardware platform and is future-proofed to support CDI.

OverDrive – Automated Production Control & Device Control

OverDrive is the most advanced Automated Production Control (APC) system on the planet, enabling the most sophisticated productions to be executed cleanly and consistently while delivering substantial savings in operational costs.

  • Offers unparalleled choice with integration to more than 220 different production devices. Both manual and automated control are provided to both Ross and third-party devices, including production switchers, routing systems, video servers, audio mixers, robotic cameras, and graphics systems.
  • Perform manual, semi-automated, or fully automated productions at any time from the same control room, using the same equipment. Manual device control is always at the operator’s fingertips, whether from OverDrive or a dedicated panel.
  • OverDrive offers an intuitive, user-configurable interface consolidating control of many devices into one control area. Use custom icons for quick identification and preview of the rundown.
  • Easily accommodate live breaking news and changes on-the-fly. With a toolset unmatched by any other system, OverDrive is the clear leader in managing late-breaking or unscripted events.
  • Delivers a consistent, repeatable, error-free production across a range of operator skill sets. OverDrive enables all operators to run clean, consistent productions every day, every time.

Inception – Newsroom Computer System

Inception is an innovative newsroom computer system (NRCS) and social media management tool. For journalists, Inception offers increased flexibility to create content on the go with access on any device, including mobile, tablets, Windows, and macOS. For editorial teams, Inception provides a story-centric workflow that allows for content creation across a variety of platforms, including broadcast, web, and social media.

  • Live production doesn’t always happen in a single location, and editorial teams need a collaborative tool that can be accessed from anywhere. Inception sits at the heart of the workflow, bringing the team together to plan, collaborate, create, and execute.
  • When deployed in the cloud, Inception becomes accessible from anywhere while still supporting a robust integrated workflow with other key pieces of the production workflow, including teleprompter, graphics, asset management, video playout, and automated production control.
  • Inception is the hub for planning and executing content creation and delivery. The biggest benefit of putting Inception in the cloud is that it enables access from anywhere without the need to use a VPN. Users can access Inception on almost any device to stay connected to the rest of the team and contribute from anywhere.
  • Additionally, Inception offers the option to scale as needed to support seasonal or special event programming. Inception is licensed based on the number of concurrent users and connected MOS devices. These numbers can scale up or down as staffing and production needs change. Through flexible configuration, Inception can support a wide range of workflows, including news, entertainment and lifestyle programming, sports production, and corporate communication. With a simple deployment model and intuitive workflows, most teams can be up and running with Inception in a few days.

Streamline – Production & Graphics Asset Management

Streamline is designed to bridge the gap between the newsroom computer system (NRCS) and the playout server. Create placeholders, search customizable metadata, and select the clip needed to tell the story. Use rules-based workflows to move content between locations and servers. It’s also designed to work alongside your XPression motion graphics workflow to organize asset requests, search existing assets, and easily add them to on-air graphics with ease.

  • Make the most of your existing image and video assets by creating searchable metadata. End users can quickly find the right asset to tell any story.
  • Utilize the built-in work order management system and user messaging capabilities to increase communication between newsroom staff and your graphics team. Users can upload requests, track progress, and provide feedback without leaving the user interface.
  • Finding the right video clip is easier than ever. Use customizable metadata fields to search for existing clips and view a proxy preview of the clip from a web browser or plugin in the newsroom computer system (NRCS).
  • Content can be ingested, copied, or moved based on rules set up in Streamline Production. Index content from a variety of file storage systems, including on-premise and cloud options. Move content between servers and file storage locations with automated rules. Delete content using lifecycle rules for playout servers.

Interstellar – Remote Contribution

Contributors from all walks of life can use Interstellar to contribute to productions from anywhere with their own devices to appear in a broadcast.

  • Interstellar provides high quality and low latency for productions inside and outside the cloud.
  • Options inside Interstellar allow all contributors to see each other and talk to each other naturally to encourage normal conversation.
  • Talkback via the interface provides you the functionality without having to add complicated 3rd-party systems.

Ross Platform Manager – Enterprise Services

Ross Platform Manager offers a consolidated approach to managing your Ross license keys, which translates into operational efficiencies and savings for customers. Ross Platform Manager aspires to provide unified approaches to software license key management, which allows you to:

  • Share licenses between instances.
  • Ramp up and ramp down your license consumption.
  • Rent special features and functionality from Ross for short periods of time.

Other Components

  • Virtual Desktop Streaming
  • Powered by NDI

Flexible Licensing. Flexible Deployment

Perpetual or subscription – choose what makes sense for your business. We offer perpetual software licensing (with recommended annual maintenance for ongoing access to upgrades) or subscription-based licensing (on monthly or annual terms) for all products in the solution.

The flexibility of deploying the solution entirely in your own cloud account makes it easy to align your production operation with your corporate and IT policies and cost management practices. You can also take a hybrid approach by deploying part of your control room on-premises and part in the cloud.

And you can choose to move your existing investment of on-premises software licenses into the cloud with no additional licensing fee.

A Partner in Your Journey to Cloud

Ross has a dedicated team of experts to support you in the journey to the cloud. Our team has deep industry experience and has supported thousands of customers to develop and create incredible live productions over nearly half a century. We are here to support you in taking that next step into the cloud – designing workflows collaboratively, supporting your cloud infrastructure build-out, and providing advice in adopting cloud-based solutions for live production.

Our team of trainers has deep industry experience and works with each customer to develop a plan to onboard their organization as it makes the most sense for them.

Our global support organization provides industry-leading 24/7 support with a comprehensive SLA program that can be tailored based on your specific support requirements.

We are here to support you in achieving your production goals, without sacrifice.

Applications and Solutions


  • Small and mid-market
  • Station groups
  • Redundancy and disaster recovery applications
  • Experimentation with new productions and formats
  • Remote contribution


  • eSports tournament production
  • Concert and live streaming


  • Journalism and multimedia schools
  • Production workflow and broadcast education
  • Multi-site applications
  • Training and event


  • Corporate keynotes and internal events
  • Conferences and connected facilities.
  • Internal and external training and e-learning
Product Overviews
Graphite Cloud Production Center Download
XPression Download
Media I/O Download
OverDrive Download
Inception Download
Streamline Download
Interstellar Download
softGear Download
Ross Platform Manager Download


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