April 5, 2023

What’s New from Ross for NABShow 2023


Furio+ with StableTrac Technology

Ross’s unique StableTrac technology, provides the stability of a four-wheeled dolly, but with the consistent traction of a three-wheeled system. By mounting the two-wheel sets on one side of the dolly, on a vertically pivoting arm, the new design ensures that all 4 corners stay in solid contact with the rails, especially in environments with uneven track surfaces, and ensures that the drive wheel never loses traction, providing smoother, more accurate movement.

Spidercam X Dolly 

The new X Dolly inherits its adaptability from its predecessor, and further improves on a variety of features to increase the creative possibilities.

A higher payload capacity, more battery options, and cleared for higher speeds, the new X Dolly can use a range of gimbals and broadcast cameras and reach a top speed of up to 6m/s. The smooth and responsive control system allows users to capture fast moving actions with ease and precision. Adaptable to a variety of applications from Live events, TV shows to feature films, the X Dolly delivers incredible performance and versatility.

Vision[Ai]ry Ft 1.3

Vision[Ai]ry Ft v1.3, adds new functionality designed to provide users with improved workflows, high-quality tracking, and better framing.  Key new features include, a unique multi-channel interface, enhanced tracking capabilities, multi-engine support, and an auto-reselect feature.   

What’s new:  Multichannel Interface View | Deadband Offset | Auto Reselect | Multi Engine support | Enhanced Tracking

SmartShell v6.0 

SmartShell 6.0 adds enhanced studio management features that allow users to easily select and group cameras, keyframe insertion tools, a new notification window, axis limits visualization, and tally functionality for the X350 pan/tilt head. 

What’s new: Enhanced studio management | Keyframe insertion | Notification window | SmartTally for X350 | Automatic move validation

CG & Graphics Systems

XPression Maps 3.4

New for XPression Maps, Ross Video is introducing the ability to manage and use disputed borders within the XPression Maps Designer software to define the administrative borders observed in your viewing area. Add in the ability to change the language displayed on your maps, in real-time, with the click of a mouse in the XPression Maps Designer software and the XPression Maps MOS client, makes XPression Maps the perfect mapping software for stations where multiple languages and diplomacy are critical to servicing the viewing audience.

PIERO v18.0/ 18.1

PIERO v18.0/18.1 includes new visual effects including Caption Track, Line-up, Spotlight, Laser Eye and Marker updates enhancing the product’s ability to deliver high-impact technical analysis. The updated Voyager Unreal plug-in now enables cut-out players to be taken from video footage creating a more engaging viewer experience. Finally, the Down and Distance solution has been improved and continues to elevate American Football game-day broadcast presentations.


Kiva Express Duet – Presentation Video Server

Introducing Kiva Express Duet—the latest and most affordable digital media playout solution from Ross. With its highly intuitive click-to-play and drag-&-drop “shotbox-style” user interface, Kiva simplifies media playout during any live production.With Kiva, operators can efficiently ingest, quickly organize, and confidently present a variety of media during live sports shows, live studio shows, and live events & concerts.

As the most compact model in the Kiva product line, Kiva Express Duet features a single Preview+Program “Channel Pair” (each with an associated Key output), and two SSD media storage options. Kiva Express Duet delivers customers the most powerful and most affordable presentation video server solution on the market and will immediately boost the production value of any live event.

Media I/O

New channel based pricing with flexible channels that allow for ingest, playout, and transcode, in any codec, and reconfiguration at any time. Media I/O becomes much more productized, easier to understand, and more affordable – while offering best in class playout, ingest, and transcode in SDI, NDI, 2110, and others.


Voyager 5.1

Voyager 5.1 harnesses the latest Unreal Game Engine, enabling customers to create stunning virtual environments for AR, VS and XR LED studio applications. New enhancements include Nanite, a groundbreaking virtualized geometry system, that enables more realistic and efficient rendering at lower cost, as well as, Lumen, a new dynamic illumination and reflection system, that unlocks more creative possibilities. Support of AJA Io X3 allows deployment of Voyager on laptops providing more creative flexibility for customers on-the-go. Finally, a new D3 plugin allows seamless integration with D3 LED displays enabling Ross to provide customers with an end-to-end XR solution as well as enabling unique color matching capabilities for LED / set extension / AR applications.



SFC-6901 provides cost-effective fiber transport for SDI up to 12G. In a single, highly flexible and configurable card, it provides the complete functionality needed to configure up to 4 fiber links (transmit or receive) for up to 40 links in a single openGear frame. It also offers the ability to TDM max up to 4 HD signals onto a single 12G fiber. 


The SRA-8901-R is a SD/HD/3G/6G/12G-SDI relay bypass module that integrates a 1×4 DA in a robust and high-density openGear card enabling customers to add power-fail relay bypass to mission-critical UHD signal chains. It is a great companion for our MC1-UHD master control solution or any critical signal chain.


The TES-8943 provides key Ancillary Data insertion and decoding, including SCTE-104 triggers and VANC data in UHD / 12G-SDI, HD and SD workflows.



ULTRIX-MODX-IO is a flexible IO card that can host up to four sub-modules supporting a variety of I/O interfaces. These sub-modules can be mixed-and matched and do not need to be populated on day-one, they can be added as needed. Fiber/SFP sub-modules are available now, with additional modules available soon.


The Ultrix-IPX-IO is a new I/O blade for Ultrix that offers high density ST 2110 integration to the Hyperconverged platform.


D3 LED Stage Series

Ross’s LED display category features the Stage series which is an indoor, rental and live venue focused cabinet with a dimension of 500 x 1000mm and pixel pitches beginning at 2.9mm. Designed with ease of installation and weight in mind this product is is one of the lightest in its class made of magnesium alloy, which is super durable and light weight. Also with carbon fiber handles and a robust locking mechanism its easy to be installed in a variety of application. It is the perfect platform for multi-use application such as IMAG, signage, live venue, live event spaces, and education.

D3 LED Perform Series

Ross’s LED display category features the Perform series which is an indoor and rental focused cabinet with a 16:9 aspect ratio (600 x 337.5mm). Designed with installation versatility in mind this product can be wall-mounted, ground stacked of flown. It is the perfect platform for multi-use application such as IMAG, signage, broadcast, live venue, live event spaces, and education.


The Advanced Element Processor (AEP) is our LED processor specifically designed for high-end color reproduction whether matching your brand image perfectly or in broadcast applications where the display needs to look right on camera without aliasing or moire. Our gamma reproduction and dynamic range capabilities bring colors to life down to the science of matching a person flesh tones to look alive and life-like. Our IP based processor is capable of processing up to 40 million pixels, connects to our LED displays using off-the-shelf hardware and has redundant configurations available for both power and data.


Be it retail brands or broadcast, our Advanced Element Processor (AEP) is controlled by TrueControl, a web-based software solution that allows you to adjust display settings, schedule content, run diagnostics and status checks. Monitor and control one display at a time or the entire network all at once. 


TruePower is our managed remote power system allowing for the central installation of power in a climate-controlled rack room instead of requiring power at the display location. This solution provides 97% efficiency versus traditional 86% AC efficiencies. In addition, provides relief on HVAC needs at the display location, can be configured with complete redundancy, simplifies installation by connecting to cabinets with 10-gauge plenum speaker wire and has the output capacity of 24kW in a 2-RU box.


Streamline v11 

Get an early look at the convergence efforts of our Streamline and Primestream MAM’s, with an all new highly integrated news workflow between the MAM and newsroom.

Inception v16 + Inception Mobile

While v15.7 is the main solution being demoed, demos for Inception v16 will be available for select customers, demonstrating the long-requested Story Grouping feature. Inception Mobile will also be on display, taking users beyond the newsroom and into the field. We are also planning for a technology demo of what an AI like ChatGPT could do for newsrooms as a sample integration for a proposed AI module in the product.


OverDrive v22 + Caprica v9

The unveiling of the all-new OverDrive ProjectServer, a new way to build, deploy, and manage OverDrive templates and resources.



DashBoard is a free and open platform from Ross Video for facility control and monitoring that enables users to quickly build unique, tailored CustomPanels that make complex operations simple.


SoftGear Streaming Gateway 

softGear™ provides media organizations the flexibility to adapt to changing programming needs through media processing microservices on commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware and in the Cloud.

Graphite Cloud Production Center (CPC)

Version 1.1.4 of Graphite CPC is now available bringing a powerful live video production toolkit to the cloud. As an All-In-One Production System, Graphite CPC offers powerful video switching, audio mixing, clip playback and next generation graphics capability. By utilizing cloud-based workflows and flexible pricing, content creation can take place from anywhere with an internet connection,

Graphite CPC is deployable as a standalone system using Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide no-compromise, on-prem performance using familiar tools such as TouchDriveTM panels and DashBoard control software. Graphite CPC joins the ever-expanding list of products available in the Ross Production Cloud, which includes media asset management tools, production automation, and MOS-based newsroom systems.

Like all Graphite’s, CPC bundles the powerful Carbonite switcher and advanced RAVE audio mixer with the incredible XPression Real-Time graphics engine to create a single, unified production environment.

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