The evolution of technology in newsroom

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News never stops, and nor does the rate of technological change in the TV newsroom. Ross Video teamed up with TVBEurope to explore how broadcasters are adapting to deliver real-time news across digital, social media, mobile, and traditional TV platforms in this rapidly evolving environment. Watch our free webinar to learn about the impact of technologies like 5G and AI on news production, discover strategies for training staff on new technologies, and understand how to address sustainability in technology upgrades. And, with up to 80 elections taking place worldwide in 2024, how are broadcasters preparing?

The Evolution of News in the Digital Age

Delve into how traditional broadcast TV is adapting to stay relevant in this new era. Our experts unveil strategies for maintaining high-quality production standards while seamlessly integrating digital workflows across multiple platforms.

Adapting to Technological Advances

Technologies like 5G and AI are revolutionizing news production. Learn how these advancements impact the way news is gathered, produced, and distributed. Discover the challenges and opportunities these technologies bring.

Sustainability and Multi-Platform News Delivery

Our experts explore how broadcasters can handle breaking news across various platforms, ensuring audiences receive the content they want, when they want it, without compromising on environmental and operational efficiency.


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Gain insights from industry experts on maintaining high-quality production standards and seamlessly integrating digital workflows across multiple platforms. Meet the challenges and seize the opportunities of modern news production.