SideBox Modules

SideBox Modules

SideBox Modules are control panels for those who prefer a dedicated control surface. These work in conjunction with OverDrive’s touch screen interface, keyboard and mouse allowing multiple ways for the operator to interact with the system. Multiple combinations of SideBoxes can be ordered to fit your production needs. All boxes come with a mounting kit, allowing for either on-desk or in-desk mounting.


The SideShot module offers 28 multi-colored, user-configured LCD buttons that can be mapped with features found in OverDrive and the production switcher. With SideShot, the operator can easily manage Rundowns, CustomControls, QuickRecalls, and external production devices while bringing late breaking stories and ‘on-the-fly’ events to air quickly and error-free


The SideSlide module includes 8 flying faders with mnemonic displays for direct control of program audio. The 8 faders can be dynamically assigned to follow the program audio for the current on-air shot. Multiple SideSlide modules can be configured to access more faders at once.


The SideStick Module is the newest addition to the SideBox family. The joystick offers control of supported robotic systems for easy shot adjustment. Multiple robotic brands can be controlled from this single surface. The buttons on the SideStick module can be configured to select a camera or follow the camera that is on Program or Preview. The buttons can also be mapped with camera shot recalls and CustomControl macros.