Inception U

Inception U, a place for online self-directed learning of Inception software and workflow. This library of videos will be updated on a regular basis as new features and functionality are released for Inception. Be sure to check back for updates and enjoy your discovery of Inception!

Nikki covers the basics of messaging within Inception, from individual messages to group conversations, attachments, and […]
Unlock the power of templating stories within Inception. In this tutorial, Nikki reviews how to create […]
Learn how to create and configure your own columns and fields inside of Inception. Design validation […]
An introduction to the powerful social media searching tools inside of Inception, and how you can […]
Explore Inception’s story and social media approval submission process, and the centralized approach to managing content […]
Learn how to arrange and organize your workspace by grouping and positioning windows using the Inception […]
Nikki takes you on a quick tour of the Inception help system and finding contextual help […]
Search your archived social and news content, and explore the full power of the federated search […]
Nikki takes you through the social polling features available in Inception, and introduces you to your […]
Learn how to create and manage running order templates within Inception.
Go paperless in your newsroom with Inception’s Tablet View workflow. Take a look at some of […]
Run your running order’s timing bar using Inception’s Tablet View. Nikki shows users how to manage […]
Closing a window, opening scripts, creating SOT text. Did you know there are keyboard shortcuts for […]
If you’re looking for an easy way to start fresh on log in, Nikki shows users […]
Nikki walks through how to add and remove columns in a rundown, change their position, and […]
Use the power of social media publishing in your rundowns. Nikki explains how to embed social […]
Take Twitter searches to the next level. Nikki explains the different search operators to define social […]
Add an easy and highly visual filter to your assignment manager content using custom color schemes. […]
Nikki takes a basic look at how to create and modify broadcast content inside running orders.
Nikki explains how to create and manage commonly used MOS objects without having to open a […]
Customize your production cues to suit your facility. In this video, Nikki explains how you can […]
Improvements to story locking, when you edit a story, Inception locks the story from other users.
Manually archive your running orders or configure Inception to do it for you.
Caitlin explains how to use CueScript’s CueiT teleprompting software with Inception and covers configuration options for […]
Discover how to organize content using folders in the Assignment Manager, Running Order Manager and Story […]
Nikki explains how to create organization with your production cues with groups.
Did you know you can override MOS channels from a running order? Nikki walks you through […]
Have a hard hit time in your running order? Learn how to use the back time […]
Find out how to set language, time zone and font size preferences for each user.
Find out how to use the Task Scheduler to track scheduled social and Web stories.
Caitlin explains how to view, create, and edit WordPress posts inside Inception.
Caitlin shows you how to set visibility and edit permissions for folders in Inception.
Learn how to use reports in inception.
Caitlin gives us a look at how to set up the autocreation of rundowns in Inception.
Caitlin shows us how you can populate the media time column of a rundown with a […]
Caitlin goes over how to create short text for Anchor production cues and shortcuts for adding […]
Users can create MOS objects, including graphics and placeholders, inside an assignment. Caitlin explains how it […]
Keep everyone in the loop with breaking news alerts. Caitlin shows you how.
Allow two users to simultaneously update the same broadcast script with multi-zone locks. Inception V12 or […]
Save time with story updates. Nikki explains how to link one broadcast story to several running […]
There’s a new way to manage MOS objects. Nikki shows you how it works.
Nikki walks through how to set a new default perspective.
Save time when producing content. Nikki shows you how to tie several production cues or MOS […]
Send a running order to a colleague or discuss the finer points of a story. Nikki […]
Assign users to create and modify stories. Nikki explains how to implement this story-centric workflow.
Get the most use out of Inception’s running order playout function. Learn about the different playout […]
Recycle bins will let users keep track of deleted content. Administrators can manage when running orders […]
Create quick links for your Inception users in Version 14. Nikki walks administrators through how to […]
Did you know you can change the first day of the week in your Inception calendars? […]
Caitlin takes you through the new time section of the Assignment Form, and how to create […]
There are new ways to track story timing in an assignment. Nikki walks through the columns […]
New permissions give administrators more flexibility with MOS workflows. Nikki explains how those user rights can […]