Inserting Media to a Virtual Monitor on the Trackless Studio Virtual Set

Virtual sets can contain virtual monitors, and it is easy to change the content, such as Videos, still Images or live sources to fill the monitors, using the Trackless Studio Media Events and Hot Swap functions. Setting up a series of media events that can be triggered from the Production Control interface is quick and easy. The use of events can handle more than just updating media in the monitors; Media Events can update Datalinq™ sources, on-set objects, insert graphics superimposed on the program stream and event selecting other camera presets can all be part of a Media Event in Trackless Studio. For a random access type of program, the Media Hot Swap tools allow operators to select a pool of preset media (videos, still images or live sources), and simply click on them to selectively populate the on-set monitors and keep up with the on screen dialog.

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