Setting up the FILL2 Option, Included with Clip Store

XPression Clips automatically enables the FILL2 option for XPression Studio. This allows single channel XPression systems to repurpose the key output of channel 1 as another Fill output, providing 2 Fill outputs (neither with a key signal), or choose to use the traditional 1 Fill/Key Pair workflow.

For XPression Studio systems in the multi-channel configuration, this setting will allow the user to switch from 2 Fill/Key Pairs to a 1 Fill/Key Pair and 2 Fill outputs in place of the traditional Fill/Key Pair for Channel 2. There is a setting for 4 Fill Outputs, but that is a future functionality. Users can try it, but performance will not be up to expectations in the current software. Ross Video does not endorse using the 4 Fill Outputs setting, at this time.

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